Complimentary Application Modernization Strategy Session

Learn how to bring resiliency to your organization through modern, cloud native architectures.

Early cloud adoption approaches focused on migrating applications and infrastructure with minimal changes to the code or architecture. While these migrated workloads sometimes benefited from the elasticity and scale of the cloud, unlocking additional value requires modernizing the application code and architecture to be more cloud native.

Many companies want to take steps toward application modernization but are impeded by the complexity of public cloud technologies and modern architectures, as well as the new processes and development workflows that come with them. To help your organization push past these challenges, Rackspace Technology® is offering a complimentary Application Modernization Strategy Session.

What will you get?

Our application solution architects will conduct a two-hour strategy session with your key business stakeholders to understand your business objectives and the application challenges within your portfolio, then provide a recommendation on which modernization approach is best for your business.

In this meeting, we’ll cover:

  • Available paths to modern applications
  • Business objectives and application portfolio challenges
  • Common application modernization use cases
  • Proposed modernization approaches that align with your objectives

How it works

Step 1. Introductions: A Rackspace Technology consultant will join you on a short discovery call to get an understanding of your application portfolio. In this meeting, we’ll ask high-level questions related to your challenges, objectives and current modernization initiatives.

Step 2. Application Modernization Strategy Session: An application solutions architect will conduct a two-hour session with your key business and technology stakeholders to better understand the challenges of your portfolio and which modernization approaches best fit your business.

Step 3. Recommendations: Following the strategy session, our team will provide a proposal for next steps.

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