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Why Use DDoS Protection and Mitigation?

Service Availability

DDoS protection and mitigation help ensure your public-facing apps and websites remain up and running, so your company’s products and services are available to legitimate customers.

Business Continuity

DDoS assaults can disrupt normal business operations. Critical business applications, such as email, can become unavailable. As a result, employee focus, productivity and morale can be adversely affected. Your entire business could suffer.

Brand Protection

A company’s brand is often affected when a DDoS attack knocks its apps or website offline. Customers may seek out a competitor’s products or services during an outage — and they might not return.

Peace of Mind

A DDoS attack could be devastating to your business. Offloading DDoS protection and mitigation to security experts can provide you with the peace of mind to stay focused on what your business does best.

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