Combine Exchange with Rackspace Email and Save

Rackspace Email and Hosted Exchange Hybrid

Exchange Hybrid is the smart way to handle email users with different needs, while saving money.

Power users get the robust features of Microsoft Exchange, while casual users enjoy affordable, business-class Rackspace Email—all on the same domain! Integrated platforms, unified management, and Fanatical Support® make Exchange Hybrid an easy choice.

Savings Calculator
Rackspace ExchangeMicrosoft Exchange
45 Mailboxes
5 Mailboxes
Only Exchange Mailboxes:$500.00
- Monthly Savings:$360.00
Your Hybrid Solution:$140.00
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2 Platforms, 1 Domain

Your users can all have mailboxes at the same domain, and you can use the same simple Control Panel for administration of both Exchange and Rackspace Email accounts.

Exchange Email for Power Users

Exchange delivers enterprise-level features including 3 tiers of spam and virus filtering sync, Outlook for your desktop, web, or and mobile device, public folders, one-way Active Directory Synchronization, and resource mailboxes. Employees can collaborate across the hall or around the world using shared calendars, global address lists, tasks, and notes. And we back it with Fanatical Support®.

Rackspace Email for Casual Users

Rackspace Email provides business-class email with all the features you need, at the price your budget requires. Your staff gets desktop access through Microsoft® Outlook®, plus webmail and mobile access, 3 Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus scans, and more.

Calculate Your Savings

Compared to using Hosted Exchange alone, a 50-user company can save 40% by moving half its users to Rackspace Email. How much can you save? Try our Hybrid Savings Calculator to find out. Determine your exact savings by adjusting the sliders to reflect the number of Exchange and Rackspace Email accounts you'll need.

Real-World Examples

Don't take our word for it. Check out real-world examples of the savings some of our customers are enjoying today!

Firm Saves Over $800 Per Year

After purchasing Google Apps, staff at this company struggled with folder management and alias creation. Managers couldn't use tasks or notes in Gmail, interfering with workflow. The company owner was concerned about the security of their data but didn't think there was a more affordable solution.

Then He found Exchange Hybrid at Rackspace.

Some employees require push service, so they use Rackspace Hosted Exchange. The rest of the staff uses Rackspace Email. Everyone can access their calendars, company contact list, and tasks. And the owner doesn't lose sleep worrying about his data staying private.

School Reduces Email Cost by 70%

Combining Exchange and Rackspace Email saves the school money and allows:

  • The principal's assistant to manage the principal's calendar using a mobile phone or laptop.
  • Teachers to access webmail to communicate, share calendars, and share contacts.
  • Building Maintenance to receive service requests via their email ticketing system. They also use task lists to keep track of projects, and technicians check email on their smartphones.

Call Center Shaves 57% Off Budget

Combining Exchange with Rackspace Email allows:

  • Management to use Outlook for email, to maintain master calendars for conference room scheduling. and to set up meetings.
  • Sales team to use email to communicate with customers from their smartphones.
  • Phone representatives to use email to communicate with customers, get requests, and set tasks for customer follow-up from their workstations.

Unique Hybrid Offering, Same Fanatical Support

Exchange Hybrid helps you cut costs - but you still get live 24x7x365 customer service backed by Fanatical Support for both Hosted Exchange and Rackspace Email. And the entire solution includes our industry-leading SLAs with 100% Uptime Guarantee.

Rackspace does not only host our boxes, but delivers enormous technical input and advice, as well as an outstanding intensive service approach which includes a dedicated lead tech and 24/7/365 support.

Ian Pulsford

Head of IT Services, The Entertainer

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