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Testing Magento Performane

If you search the Internet for statistics about website page load times and the relationship with conversion, you will find plenty of relevant examples. The clear message is that optimising performance will directly improve customer experience, which can lead to more sales.

This whitepaper presents the benefits of optimising the application stack to help increase performance. By analysing different application configurations it is possible to validate the benefits of a tuned deployment. This document will also demonstrate a clear methodology for performance testing and measuring the results.

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Customer story: The Entertainer

The UK toy market is worth almost £3 billion. As The Entertainer expanded they needed a hosting provider to support an interactive website - content rich, personalised and viewable on any device. The Entertainer now has an increased presence on a range of online selling platforms as well as highly successful Click and Collect functionality. They also have quick partitioning of stock, with access to both store and web stock at all times - something that was not previously possible.

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A New Age of Ecommerce: Answering new tech challenges

Featuring: Ampersand / Rackspace / Salmon / Conexus

A user-friendly web platform makes your business adequate – but a seamless retail experience between devices, stores and social interactions makes your business excellent. Ampersand, Rackspace, Salmon and Conexus have come together to bring you a retail-focused eBook, ’A New Age of Ecommerce: Answering new tech challenges’, looking at the importance of building a successful multichannel experience for your customers.

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