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Rackspace Application Services for Oracle eCommerce Solutions

Oracle® CX Commerce is the next generation digital experience offering from Oracle and marks a move away from the existing hosted ATG platform to software-as-a-service (SaaS). Rackspace Application Services for Oracle CX Commerce will help you migrate to it from your existing ATG deployment.

Rackspace Technology provides a superlative, flexible and highly customizable digital experience solution built from the ground up to help you deliver personalized digital experiences. Our certified experts offer a comprehensive and detailed end-to-end service offering.

As an Oracle Platinum Partner, we can help you make the most of your Oracle eCommerce investment while solving your deployment and operational challenges. You’ll get an Oracle eCommerce solution that’s built for scalability, reliability and security — plus a team of experts who can architect, optimize and support your environment.

Make the Most of Oracle Commerce

Optimized Costs and Resources

Managing your Oracle CX Commerce SaaS site requires attention because although you no longer have infrastructure to look after, you still have the integrations to your other applications to consider every time (Quarterly) a new update is released. And those updates can impact the way you do business. The Oracle eCommerce team at Rackspace Technology will guide you through a regular review process each quarter to ensure your instance remains optimally tuned to your business.

Managing your Oracle Commerce (ATG) platform yourself requires continual attention, with constant planning, software patching, updating and monitoring. Also, due to the rigid nature of dedicated server infrastructure, it’s common to over- or under-provision resources — leading to an unpredictable cost structure and high potential for downtime. By turning to Rackspace Technology, you can reduce your IT burden and budget. Our experts will handle the day-to-day management, optimization and deployments of new Oracle Commerce workloads — across your choice of dedicated and cloud platforms, including Microsoft® Azure® and AWS. This frees up your IT to focus on core business initiatives that keep your business moving forward.

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Improved Customer Experience

Your customers expect an engaging, integrated, personalized and responsive experience. If they don’t get immediate satisfaction, there are plenty of other destinations competing for their attention across the web.

But it takes more than just applications, servers and support to deliver an optimized customer experience through Oracle Commerce (ATG). In the same way signing up to Oracle’s CX Commerce SaaS won’t automatically deliver the customer experience you want to give your customers; it requires configuration, integration and ongoing optimization which requires skills, knowledge, time and effort.

Let our experts help you select from our full range of solutions for optimizing your Oracle eCommerce investment.

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Managed Solutions for Oracle eCommerce, To Meet Your Specific Needs

SaaS Update Preparation

We review the potential impact of forthcoming CX Commerce updates on your business processes and application integrations then help you plan and prepare to adopt them.

Oracle ATG to CX Commerce Migrations

Our Oracle eCommerce experts and our application migration experts will help you plan and transition your business from Oracle ATG to Oracle CX Commerce.

Expert Guidance

As the #1 hosting provider for the Internet Retailer Top 1,000, our experts can design an Oracle eCommerce environment that meets your unique requirements.

Account Management

Our dedicated account managers know you and your workloads, and they’re there when you need them — backed by our 15-minute response time SLA (based on issue severity) for hosted solutions.

Security & Compliance

With Rackspace Application Services for Oracle eCommerce, you’ll get an environment tuned for stability and performance, with emergency patching for zero-day exploits.

Flexible Hosting and Configuration Options

We’ll help you identify the right services for your workloads, including proactive application operational support.

24x7x365 Access to Application Support Engineers and Architects

Get the support you need, around the clock, plus performance metrics, trending reports, end-user experience analysis, incident detection and real-time performance monitoring.

Launch Assistance

Our specialists can get your Oracle Commerce environment up and running smoothly and quickly and they utilize application runbooks for unique customer requirements and scenarios.

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