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Rackspace Technology

Our Customer

With over 20 years of managed hosting experience, Rackspace Technology is a global technology company focused on consulting, implementation and managed services.

The Obstacles They Faced

Rackspace Technology was experiencing slow time to insights, expensive legacy workloads, poor data quality, and lacked a single source of truth. They needed to consolidate around 70 operational data stores, 4 data warehouses and 1 data lake all on-premises to a modern data platform on an aggressive timeline.

What We Achieved Together

In only 5 months, we harmonized all Rackspace Technology data on one platform, reduced production errors, decommissioned 20 Enterprise SQL Servers, consolidated 400+ dashboards into just 20, improved NPS, reduced churn and built trust in our data. This project helped free more than $1 million that could be invested elsewhere.

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How We Helped


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Our data is driving better insights. Through deeper understanding of the ‘what’ and the ‘why’ behind customer needs, we can better recommend the ‘how.’

Juan Riojas
Chief Data Officer

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