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Grupo DECA


Engineering services for the automatic, remote and wireless management of transport companies.


Appropriate growth of automatic infrastructure and declining resources – breaking the bureaucratic barriers and paradigms of the technological media, while working with a level of urgency and high availability to improve the quality of life of its customers.


Automatic growth for demand, reaching the peak of key company products without compromising information, mitigating risk of continuous service – with an availability of 99.999 %.

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About the Customer

Grupo DECA, with headquarters in Saltillo, Mexico is a company specializing in engineering services for the automatic, remote and wireless management of your transport company. The company develops hardware and software to optimize the production of your business. Grupo DECA’s flagship product, PWD specializes in automatic vehicle location tracking, with a mission to design and integrate electronic communication systems for customers with needs for technological development, technical capacity, excellent service and a philosophy of continuous economic benefit and social improvement of customers, partners and suppliers.

We have the best of both worlds – with our systems we can quickly develop services, because we have the infrastructure from Rackspace that gives us up to a 99.999 % availability. This makes us a technologically strong company, with what is necessary to provide extraordinary service.

Adrián Lizárraga
Director of Operations, Grupo DECA

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