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Philadelphia-based enterprise mobility gateway company CloudMine helps healthcare and other Fortune 500 companies get their mobile apps to market faster, and solve HIPAA-compliant data storage challenges.


Deliver a highly reliable and scalable platform with encrypted data storage that can handle unpredictable, spiky traffic from a large number of origin devices running on widely variant amounts of bandwidth.


CloudMine’s work with Rackspace reduces operational costs, provides high levels of confidence in the security of its customers’ sensitive data, and lets CloudMine take advantage of economies of scale to better serve customers.

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CloudMine is an enterprise mobility company that provides a cloud-based mobile middleware platform. The platform allows companies of all sizes to leverage new and existing data sets to power their mobile rollout strategies. Whether you are building an internally-facing productivity application or a high touch consumer experience, CloudMine frees your development needs, allowing your team to focus on the application, experience and solution.

What Rackspace has allowed us to do is to augment our internal Ops team with the ObjectRocket team within Rackspace. This allows our engineers to focus on higher value tasks instead of the solved problem of keeping Mongo running properly.

Marc Weil
CTO, CloudMine

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