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Bunny Inc.


Bunny Inc. facilitates the creative components for company projects using sophisticated algorithms to match creatives to customers.


Bunny Inc. originally launched with Rackspace – moved to another Hosting Provider – and came back to Rackspace because of competitive pricing and Fanatical Support.


Bunny Inc. relies on Rackspace Managed services, providing Fanatical Support in outsourcing the management of their hosting platform in order to develop more in-depth algorithms to continue with their core business.

How We Helped Bunny Inc.


Managed Cloud, Managed Public Cloud


OpenStack Public Cloud

About the Customer

Bunny Inc. provides services through an end-to-end crowdsourcing marketplace that connects aspiring and established voice actors to fulfill voice over projects quickly and easily. The marketplace uses algorithms to identify the best voices on the planet for each project without middlemen involved.

For us it's crucial to work with providers that are just a phone call away, at a moment's notice. That's why we decided to work with Rackspace.

Alexander Torrenegra
CEO, Bunny Inc.

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