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Board portal software.


Deploying custom microservice server environments to specifically fit client’s needs.


Rackspace Managed Cloud allows BoardEffect to develop products and deliver to clients globally without worrying about managing the infrastructure.

How We Helped BoardEffect


Managed Cloud, Managed Public Cloud, Managed Private Cloud, Managed Hybrid Cloud, Managed Multi-Cloud, Security


OpenStack Private Cloud, OpenStack Public Cloud

About the Customer

For any organization with a governing body responsible for ensuring the success of that organization, BoardEffect is a board management platform that drives efficiency, effectiveness and engagement. Unlike legacy board portals and digital board book providers, BoardEffect allows truly easy and elegant management of board information, while also supporting board directors in fulfilling their responsibilities to elevate organizational performance.

The combination of Private Cloud and Public Cloud allows us to scale immensely, more than we could have ever hoped if we tried to implement these things in-house.

Steve Teti
Director, Infrastructure & Performance, BoardEffect

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