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Rackspace Technology is the best place to run VMware cloud

Run VMware with unmatched ease and flexibility

Rackspace® Services for VMware Cloud™ makes it easier than ever for you to get maximum efficiency, agility and ease-of-use from VMware, without changing your development processes or retraining your staff.

Unlock the full power of the cloud while breaking free of the constraints of  traditional cloud consumption models. Now you can provision and scale resources on-demand and drive your transformation strategy to support both traditional and cloud native workloads.

VMware Principal Partner- Cloud Provider


Why pay for a dedicated environment if you don't need it? Shared resources in a multi-tenant environment can lead to lower costs, while still allowing for independent control.

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Unbundled costs for support and infrastructure allow you to pay only for the infrastructure, services and support you use. Flexible consumption models help you to optimize costs to fit your business model and financial needs.

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Our pre-provisioned data centers give you unparalleled scalability and agility. Quickly spin up a new environment and then scale in minutes as needed to meet application demands.   
Autoscaling helps to manage constantly changing load levels by dynamically adjusting resources up or down to fit current demands of the system.  

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Establish control over your VMware environment with self-service capabilities that allow you to flex your environment when and how you want. You can also monitor your VMware stack and raise tickets directly with Rackspace Technology.

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Automate everything from routine tasks to running your infrastructure as code and setting up CI/CD pipelines. Automated policies can dynamically adjust resources, provide lifecycle management and automate common maintenance to free IT from routine tasks.  

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Leverage your choice of virtual appliances from our storage and networking partners​ to quickly customize your configuration without sacrificing speed to deploy. Or take advantage of unique capabilities that give you even more options — like BYO network devices — to customize your environment the way your CISO mandates.  

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Establish uniformity between multiple clouds and reduce transit and data-access costs with RackConnect® Global. Our interconnection platform allows you to keep your internal traffic off the internet through direct, private, low-latency virtual connections.

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VMware Optimization Discovery & Consultation

Are you getting the most out of your VMware environment?

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach for running your VMware environment. Our no-cost, streamlined assessment helps you consider how to optimize their VMware environments today – and importantly – for where they are headed tomorrow.

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Challenge: Transitioning to a more modern, agile and scalable managed environment while achieving cost savings. 
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250+ VMware Certifications Jointly developed Center of Excellence
15 Years Years Managing VMware Environments
100k VMs Under Management on 3 continents
Largest Global VMware MSP Footprint

A trusted partnership

With a strategic partnership that spans 15 years, Rackspace Technology and VMware are working together to help companies like yours embrace the benefits of the cloud.

  • Three-time recipient of the VMware Partner Innovation Award
  • VMware Principal Partner
  • VMware Cloud Verified
  • Three-time recipient of VMware Partner of the Year Award
  • 2020 Global Partner of the Year, Social Impact
  • Broad VMware portfolio expertise, from virtualization to cloud
  • A jointly developed Center of Excellence with 250+ VMware certifications
  • Early access development partner with VMware
  • Five-Time recipient Dell Technologies Partner of the Year Award

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