The Five Best Practices for a More Robust Cloud Security System

by Scott Schlueter, CISSP, GPEN, CDPSE, Rackspace Security Solutions

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How good is your understanding of the security vulnerabilities in your hybrid and multicloud environment? When it comes to adopting a hybrid cloud security strategy, we understand how important it is to assess and deploy the perfect defence against the perfect cybersecurity storm.

And while there’s no one-size-fits-all security solution there are best practices your organisation can implement to build a more robust cloud security system:



One of the driving reasons we joined the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA) is because we’re focused on better business outcomes — acting as a trusted advisor to help organisations develop strategic security plans to better defend against increasing threats. We want to help you build your security practice to meet the needs of your business for the long-term, across Microsoft Azure, on-premises, and in multicloud environments.

Our Microsoft® Hybrid Cloud Security Workshop delivered by Rackspace Elastic Engineering for Security helps you identify on-going threats and vulnerabilities in your environment. It gives you the opportunity to prioritise and mitigate threats to your servers, data and services while reducing the attack surface for hybrid workloads, based on the recommendations of Microsoft cybersecurity experts.

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