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Although the world is moving to accept more remote working, there are some things that just can’t be beat about going to the office. Whether it’s full-time, part-time or mission-critical work, getting back to the office has to happen for most companies. But re-opening offices safely — and being ready when things don’t go as planned — is tough. You need to track ongoing employee wellness, manage arrival times, help employees adapt to new ways of working and implement contact tracing capabilities.

To help make this possible, Salesforce has created — a suite aimed at providing a single-pane-of-glass for managing the complexities of returning employees to the workplace risk-free. With, human resource and facilities management teams can easily and proactively manage each location’s post-coronavirus ready status, and plan when each location can safely reopen — or quickly close, if a high-risk incident occurs.


Make work for you

Administrators and facility managers will be vital for managing new rules to keep workplaces and employees safe. To help them succeed, provides data-driven insight about worksites and returning employees, with analysis powered by critical functionality:

  • Workplace Command Center brings overall company and employee status, employee wellness and real-time public health data into a single Salesforce hub. This combined insight enables managers to monitor the state of the workforce, track facility preparedness and execute safer shift scheduling.
  • Wellness Surveys are sent securely through Salesforce to employees to gather vital insight on their wellness and readiness to return to the workplace. Organizations can use provided surveys, based on CDC guidelines, or create their own.
  • Contact Tracing is a powerful, secure solution that manually traces occupancy rates, employee interactions and gatherings at business locations. The ability to identify possible points of transmission can help limit the spread of infection to keep everyone safer.
  • Shift Management provides facility operators with the ability to easily manage building capacity according to local occupancy guidelines. With a more holistic view into employee scheduling and workplace traffic, managers can plan for reduced occupancy and coordinate team schedules.


Get expert support for your implementation

Rackspace Technology is here to help you launch quickly and effectively, so you can avoid delayed re-openings and safety risks. Whether you just need a quick start option, or a fully customized solution, we’ll help you identify the right fit that addresses your unique business challenges.

As a long-time partner of Salesforce, Rackspace Technology delivers a rapid deployment of all new products. It also serves as the foundation for any additional functionality you might need, including data analytics, device tracking and building information management systems.

Is your organization ready to reopen its workplaces? Learn how Salesforce can help you reach your goals.


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