Boost Business Growth by Resolving Data Entry Errors

by Rackspace Technology Staff

Resolving Data Entry Errors with Rackspace Technology

Have you ever played the Telephone Game as a child? The original statement, which went through a few different people, never matched the message the last person heard. Quite amusing when you’re a kid! Yet there’s an important lesson in this game. After a few iterations, the final statement can have a significantly different meaning than the first.

You can easily translate this scenario, and its outcome, to the results of redundant data entry efforts. When systems aren’t connected, employees will often try to create workarounds that aren’t documented in an SOP to bring the same data into a different application.


Data Entry Challenges

No matter the size of your business, disparate application ecosystems, and siloed data can lead to challenges. When data sources are disconnected, many employees will develop various coping methods, leading to manual processes and redundant data entry efforts. These ineffective solutions often slow business growth in the following ways:

Reduced Productivity & Employee Dissatisfaction

It is no secret that repetitive processes or navigating between multiple systems reduce employee productivity. And according to a survey conducted by ZenSar, most employees believe the correct digital tools will make them more successful, and 42% of those surveyed said a digital transformation would improve morale.

Headcount Reliance

If your business is growing and you rely heavily on manual, repetitive processes, you will need an increased headcount to maintain these processes at a larger scale. And keeping up with the revolving door of high turnover and resignation rates due to increased workloads and burnout can stagnate an organization’s growth.

Data Entry Errors

Humans make mistakes, and like the Telephone Game, by the time data’s been entered manually two or three times, there’s a good chance some of it is incorrect. Data entry errors lead to significant business challenges, including reduced customer engagement and a loss of revenue. Furthermore, relying on inaccurate data may lead to misinformed strategic business decisions.


Managing Data Between Solutions

Redundant data entry efforts are both inefficient and frequently lead to data inaccuracies. In turn, your ability to gain a holistic view of your business’ financials or customers is diminished. So how can you plan your marketing or growth strategy if you don’t have the correct insights to drive informed business decisions?

Microsoft® Business Applications (Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform) are designed to help solve these common challenges. It starts with secure access management through Azure® Active Directory, down to user-friendly applications to support your business’ growth strategy.

Rackspace Technology® and Microsoft Business Applications can help you succeed through holistic applications, process automation, and low-code development solutions. Our experts start by establishing a thorough understanding of your business priorities, challenges, and constraints. Once identified, we can help advise you on the next steps.

When you are ready for system improvement, our team of professionals and engineers can design, build, manage, and optimize your Microsoft Business Application solution. We encourage you to download our e-book to learn more about how we help your business “Grow opportunities and customer connections with integrated data.”

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