Rackspace Data Centers


  • IBM Level 3
  • PCI Level 1 Service Provider Certified


  • Colocation
  • Managed Dedicated Hosting
  • Network Management
  • Managed Security
  • Compliance Management
  • Hybrid Cloud


  • Free cooling Liebert HPC-M chillers
  • 4x1000kW Emerson DX down flow CRAC units
  • N+1 cooling redundancy
  • Ventilation system with 0.5 AC/hr
  • +36oC (+45oC maximum) ASHRAE
  • Three-level fire detection & suppression system, with VESDA early warning smoke detection system


  • Access control system, including patrolled perimeter with wall and barbed wire fence
  • Secured entrance gate and intercom system
  • Biometric sensors at the entrance to each server room
  • Card reader across to data halls, UPS room and auxiliary
  • CCTV system, data stored for 90 days


  • 2N power supply system
  • Two independent transformer substations with electrical load of 5,000kVA
  • Generator fuel stored on site
  • UPS + DGS arrangement
  • N+N redundancy
  • Standby power diesel generators, 24x7x365 fuel delivery callout contract in place


  • Structured cabling system provides ability for clients to connect to each other or telecom carries in 2 meet-me rooms
  • Full redundancy of communication connections
  • Private & public peering is available from Eurasia: Peering and MSK-IX (Moscow Internet Exchange)
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