A virtualized application hosting platform on dedicated hardware, powered by VMware

Benefit from VMware technology without having to manage it

Does your business depend on applications that require a single-tenant environment in order to meet their technical, security and performance requirements? Are you also looking to benefit from a cloud-like infrastructure deployment model? 

With Rackspace Server Virtualization, you can have the agility and cost savings of VMware® virtualization, in a dedicated environment, while our specialists manage vSphere® and the underlying physical infrastructure for you.

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If your company processes sensitive customer data, you know how critical it is to protect it. Our dedicated, single-tenant environment is ideal for hosting such vital information — providing the stability, predictability and control you require.

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Not all applications are designed to take advantage of the cloud. And often the costs involved in making them work the way you want them to just isn’t worth the effort. We offer a reliable, agile platform for hosting packaged applications from third-party vendors, regardless of their cloud-readiness.

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Maintaining business continuity in the event of a disaster is a priority for most businesses, and also a challenge. With Rackspace Server Virtualization, you can replicate systems using software rather than hardware to create a more cost-effective Disaster Recovery (DR) target for your most critical applications. We can accommodate a variety of technology dependencies typically associated with DR scenarios.

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"I could run what I need today, knowing that I can rapidly scale up or scale down to fit our needs, and serve up workloads. Now I just have an operational cost as opposed to a capital expense outlay."
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