Agenda: Rackspace Technology Solve Conference 2021

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The Rackspace Technology Solve Conference 2021 – September 15th

With rapid changes in technology across industries, your business is likely facing new challenges. And while it remains important to keep looking to the future, your current challenges need to be resolved, as well. The theme of the Solve Conference 2021 is real technology solutions, today, and our goal is to help technologists, CxOs and business leaders solve real business challenges with technology.

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September 15th, 2021

Conference Agenda

On September 15, 2021, our conference will take place across four stages:

  • Main stage for Keynote Speakers
  • Breakout Sessions for different persona – Technologists, CxOs, and Business Leaders

Time Main Stage Technologist Sessions CxO Sessions Business Sessions
09:00 - 09:05 BST Welcome Remarks - Martin Blackburn
9:05 - 09:20 BST Welcome - An Elastic Approach to IT
9:20 - 010:05 BST Keynote - Bernard Marr: The 9 Technology Trends That Will Shape Our Future
10:05 - 10:35 BST An Elastic Approach to Engineering is Key to Your Cloud Success The Making of a Modern Private Cloud Cybersecurity Talent Crunch: Tips for bridging the gap
10:35 - 11:00 BST Break
11:00 - 11:30 BST Using MLOps when Failure Is Not an Option Struggling to Innovate in a Highly Regulated Industry? The Problem Could Be You Better Customer Experience = Better Bottom-Line
11:30 - 11:35 BST Introduction to Fireside Chat - Simon Bennet & George Pawlyszyn
11:35 - 12:05 BST Fireside Chat – Work: Here, There and Everywhere
12:05 - 13:00 BST Break
13:00 - 13:05 BST Introduction to Keynote - Mahesh Desai & Juergen Stauber
13:05 - 14:05 BST Keynote - Guy Kawasaki: The Art of Innovation
14:05 - 14:30 BST Break
14:30 - 15:00 BST A Cloud-Native Approach to IoT Crowdsourcing Corporate Innovation:The Rackspace Technology Approach to Innovation Iʼve got 99 problems and my data is all of them
15:00 - 15:30 BST Fireside Chat – Arlan Hamilton: Combining Business with Purpose

Mainstage Session Details

The Nine Technology Trends That Will Shape Our Future​

What: A talk about some of the most innovative technology trends and their impact on business and society.  In this talk, Bernard covers big data, the internet of things, quantum computing, artificial intelligence, 3D printing, blockchains, and platform businesses. 


  • Bernard Marr, world-renowned futurist, influencer and thought leader in the field of business and technology
  • Moderator: Jeff DeVerter, Chief Technology Evangelist, Rackspace Technology

When: September 15, 2021 at 09:20 - 10:05 BST

data center connectivity and infrastructure

What:  It's clear that the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated an evolution of workplace operations across many industries. From more relaxed attire to increased remote work, companies must recognize and adapt, or risk being left behind without a loyal, highly skilled workforce.​

Join three technology leaders from Rackspace for a discussion about the future of work, including:​

  • Where — working at an office or from home​
  • When — choosing one’s own schedule​
  • (Any)Where — living anywhere in the world


  • Josh Prewitt, VP Solutions​
  • Taylor Bird, VP Technology Strategy​
  • Andrew Recinos, President & CEO, Tessitura​y

When: September 15 2021, 11:35 - 12:05 BST

person working on his laptop at a cafe

The Art of Innovation

What: The Art of Innovation explains how to create innovative services and products using tactical and practical techniques. Guy uses examples from ice making to telephony to digital photography to expose the truths of innovation. ​

Key principles include: ​

  • jumping to the next curve​
  • breaking down the barriers​
  • thinking digitally and acting analogically


  • Guy Kawasaki, Chief Evangelist of Canva and the creator of Guy Kawasaki’s Remarkable People podcast
  • Moderator: Jeff DeVerter, Chief Technology Evangelist, Rackspace Technology

When: September 15, 2021 at 13:05 - 14:05 BST

people writing something on the glass board

What: While businesses in all industries create mission statements to define their goals, it is less common for them to turn these statements into reality. However, some companies, like Backstage Capital, have been founded on the idea of being purpose-driven.

Join Arlan Hamilton and Brandon Gayle to discuss:
* What it means to be purpose-driven
* Technology's affects on purpose-driven businesses
* How being driven by purpose can generate profitable outcomes
* Transitioning into a purpose-driven business


  • Arlan Hamilton, Founder and Managing Partner, Backstage Capital​
  • Brandon Gayle, EVP Revenue, Brand & Communications, Spurs Sports & Entertainment​
  • Moderator: Casey Shilling - VP Brand & Communications​, Rackspace Technology

When: September 15 2021, 15:05 - 15:35 BST

two people looking at a machine and talking

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