Cloud Server Discounts for Your Business

Frequently Asked Questions About Cloud Servers Discounts

What products are included in the commitment discounts?

All flavors of Cloud Servers are included in the commitment discount. This applies to Performance Cloud Servers, Standard Cloud Servers, and First Generation Cloud Servers under cloud accounts with a Managed Infrastructure service level or a Managed Operations service level. Discounts apply toward combined raw infrastructure and service level charges, and new Cloud Server flavors will be included as they become available.

How can I apply for the discount?

Active Rackspace customers can enroll in the commitment discount program by contacting their account manager or opening a ticket in the control panel. New Rackspace customers can complete the form on the discounts page.

Is spend aggregated for different flavors of Cloud Servers in the same account?

Yes, the discount is calculated on the aggregated spend across all flavors of Cloud Servers, at the account level, within a geography (e.g., all regions in US).

Is spend on Cloud Servers in the same account aggregated across geographies?

No, the discount will be aggregated, at the account level, by geography (e.g. all regions of US), across flavors of Cloud Servers. Example: if there is spend in the US (IAD, DFW, ORD), these regions will be aggregated under the US geography and if there is spend in AUS (SYD), this region will be separately aggregated under the AUS geography.

Can I increase my commitment amount during my term?

Yes, you can increase the commitment amount at any time during the term, up to double the previous month’s commitment amount. Changes to the commitment amount are reflected in the next billing cycle. The effective end date of the original commitment will stay the same.

Can the commitment amount be decreased during the term?

No, the commitment amount cannot be lowered except in the event of Cloud Servers price changes. If the price change causes the spend to fall below the commitment amount (based on previous month’s invoice), you will get a one-time opportunity to lower the commitment amount by the effective percentage of the price drop.

What happens if my spend is over the commitment amount?

Spend over the commitment amount will be charged at the normal rate.

Can I cancel a commitment agreement?

Yes, a commitment agreement can be cancelled at any time, but you may incur a penalty. The penalty would be the lesser of the total discounts received or the remaining contract value. The commitment would be cancelled at the end of the billing cycle. There is no proration.

When is a new commitment effective?

All new commitments are effective in the next billing cycle.

If I choose to prepay, when is my payment billed?

Prepayment amounts are billed immediately upon enrollment. Prepayments cannot be prorated and are non-refundable. All new prepayments take effect in the billing cycle immediately following your enrollment.

How does the commitment discount impact my invoice?

Cloud Servers charges appear on your invoice grouped by server. If your Cloud Servers spend is eligible for discounts, the discounts will be appear aggregated by geography and pricing tier on the invoice. Discounts will appear on your invoice for the periods in which you generated usage.

What Are the Underlying Discount Tables Used in Calculating My Monthly Discounts?

6-month term12-month term18-month term24-month term36-month term
First $5,000 committed4.0%8.0%12.0%16.0%20.0%
Next $5,000 committed8.0%12.0%16.0%20.0%24.0%
Next $15,000 committed12.0%16.0%20.0%24.0%28.0%
Next $25,000 committed16.0%20.0%24.0%28.0%32.0%
Next $50,000 committed20.0%24.0%28.0%32.0%36.0%
Next $100,000 committed24.0%28.0%32.0%36.0%40.0%
Over $200,000 committedContact usContact usContact usContact usContact us
6-month term12-month term18-month term24-month term36-month term
First $5,000 prepaid7.0%13.0%20.0%26.0%35.0%
Next $5,000 prepaid11.0%17.0%24.0%30.0%39.0%
Next $15,000 prepaid15.0%21.0%28.0%34.0%43.0%
Next $25,000 prepaid19.0%25.0%32.0%38.0%47.0%
Next $50,000 prepaid23.0%29.0%36.0%42.0%51.0%
Next $100,000 prepaid27.0%33.0%40.0%46.0%55.0%
Over $200,000 prepaidContact usContact usContact usContact usContact us

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