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Rackspace Cloud Load Balancers

Rapid spikes in online traffic can challenge even the best web sites and applications. During online sales events, even a brief outage can cost you thousands of customers.

Cloud Load Balancers manage online traffic by distributing workloads across multiple servers and resources—automatically or on demand. They maximize your workload performance and help prevent overload to help give your users a seamless experience.

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High availability without a long-term contract

Benefits of Cloud Load Balancers

Dedicated IP Address

Each load balancer is assigned an IP address that remains static while the load balancer is in use.

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Built-in High Availability

One load balancer is all you need for high availability. See the Cloud Load Balancer SLA.

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Supports SSL Termination

Offloads public key encryption and decryption, and provides HTTP to HTTPS redirect to help secure transactions.

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"We are able to focus on what we do best and let Rackspace take care of the infrastructure, because the team at Rackspace has a deeper understanding of the Windows Server OS than any other hosting company I’ve seen."

Matthew Swanson

Chief Software Architect, Commissions Inc

Top Features

Advanced Algorithms

Route traffic to backend nodes in the most optimal way for your app. Support includes round-robin, weighted round-robin, least connections, weighted least connections, and random.

Full-Featured API

Use a RESTful web service interface to perform tasks like creating and removing load balancers, adding servers to a pool, or removing servers from a pool.

Multiple Protocols

Supports a variety of load balancing protocols on internal and public interfaces, including HTTP, HTTPS, LDAP, LDAPS, IMAP, FTP, POP3, POP3S, SMTP, TCP, TCP Client-First, UDP, SFTP and MySQL.

Health Checks

Uses synthetic transaction monitoring to inspect HTTP response codes and body content to determine if workloads are healthy.

Advanced Access Control

Enables you to easily manage who can and can't access the services that are exposed through the load balancer.

Connection Control

Simplifies log management by enabling Apache-style access logs (for HTTP-based protocol traffic) or connection and transfer logging (for all other traffic). Automatically sorts and aggregates log data, and sends the results to your Cloud Files account. This makes it convenient to access your raw data for performance tuning or web analytics.

Additional Features

  • Session persistence directs future requests to the same node.
  • Connection throttling to protect against malicious traffic.
  • Content caching improves website performance.
  • Reduces downtime by managing node traffic flow.
  • 20 Gb/s of highly available network throughput.
  • Token-based authentication between products and services.
  • Single persistent connection sends and receives requests.
  • Gzip compression accelerates API performance.
  • Supports JSON and XML data serialization.

Cloud Load Balancer Pricing

Get high availability without committing to a long-term contract. We charge for each Cloud Load Balancer instance by the hour, plus concurrent connections. Then we add bandwidth charges starting at $0.12 per outgoing GB£0.0737 per outgoing GBA$0.15 per outgoing GB€0.1017 per outgoing GB. We don't charge for incoming bandwidth.

Per Instance $0.015/Hr
Per Instance + SSL $0.05/Hr
Concurrent Connections $0.015/Hr

Per instance — Billed at $0.015/hr£0.0093/hrA$0.0188/hr€0.0128/hr, metered in one-minute increments

Per instance with ssl — Billed at $0.05/hr£0.0307/hrA$0.0625/hr€0.0424/hr, metered in one-minute increments

100 Concurrent connections — Billed at $0.00015/hr£0.000093/hrA$0.000188/hr€0.000128/hr for each connection based on average utilization sampled every 5 minutes


Outgoing —Outgoing bandwidth usage for Cloud Servers, Cloud Files, Cloud Load Balancers, and Cloud Big Data is aggregated per account across all US regions. Tiered pricing applies to your total usage, so you pay less per GB the more you use.

Usage Price/GB
First 10TB $0.12
Next 40TB $0.10
Next 150TB $0.08
Next 300TB $0.07
Next 524TB $0.06

* These products are billed monthly.

Incoming & internal —No charge for incoming bandwidth, or for bandwidth within private networks (ServiceNet and Cloud Networks).

Prices on this page are subject to change without notice

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