Rackspace Technology supports gohenry’s global expansion with migration to Google Cloud

gohenry debit card

London, UK – September 23, 2020 – Rackspace Technology™ (NASDAQ: RXT), the multicloud expert, has supported gohenry with its global growth plans by migrating its IT environment to Google Cloud, delivering enhanced security and scalability for the next-generation money app.

Since migrating 99% of its services to Google Cloud, gohenry, the prepaid Visa debit card and app designed exclusively for 6-18-year-olds, doubled its customer base between 2018 and 2020, reaching one million customers. It also sharply increased its revenue year-on-year with latest reports showing an annual turnover of £13 million in 2019 as families increasingly look to cashless solutions to help children become skilled in money management.

As a premier partner for Google Cloud, with over 370+ technical certifications, Rackspace Technology supported gohenry throughout the entire migration process. The Google Cloud migration provides gohenry with the confidence to grow its business at scale and speed, knowing its infrastructure will support the company’s – and its customers’ – changing needs.

gohenry is now leveraging several services within Google Cloud including Google Kubernetes Engine, Google Cloud Composer, Google Cloud Storage and BigQuery along with additional management tools like Terraform, which are allowing the company to manage its quality of services to be automatically scaled as required. Experts from Rackspace Technology have provided gohenry with a custom multicloud environment - a hybrid set up which allows them to connect public cloud environment to private cloud to securely support their payments application.

With around the clock monitoring, Rackspace Technology also ensures gohenry customers have full, secure service availability – particularly crucial given the need for data integrity of its young customers.

Additionally, by working with Rackspace Technology, gohenry has improved its cost optimisation by only provisioning the required resources, enabling automated alerts for unusual spikes in usage and analysing insights to support improved cost savings in the future.

“16-18 year olds today are digital natives. According to our 2019 Youth Economy Report, they are choosing technology over cash and this trend will only become more prominent,” Louise Hill, Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer at gohenry explained. “When it comes to the immediacy and availability of service, they just expect what they need to be there and working. Having a technology partner like Rackspace Technology is therefore vital to ensure our services are scalable, secure, and immediately available. Thanks to this partnership, we are confident that we can empower our young customers to be ambassadors of a new cashless society.”

“After what is already a long-standing relationship with gohenry, we are delighted to be working alongside the company during this next exciting stage in its growth,” said Mahesh Desai, Chief Relationship Officer EMEA, Rackspace Technology. “Its move to Google Cloud is vital for laying the foundation of an ever-increasing digital society in preparation for the next generation of digital natives.”

gohenry has plans to automate further functionalities that it has implemented with Google Cloud. This will support its move towards a cloud native approach that will empower it to be more innovative and agile in the future as the team continually develops new banking solutions that meet the changing expectations of customers. 

For more information visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iqcF2L3a5pU&feature=youtu.be 

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