Rackspace ranked 12th in the UK’s Great Place to Work list

London, UK – 28 May 2012 – Rackspace Hosting (NYSE: RAX), the service leader in cloud computing, today announced it has been ranked 12th at this year’s Great Place to Work awards during a ceremony in the Painted Hall of the Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich. In recognition of the company’s investments in creating a winning workplace, Rackspace’s 12th position ranking on the ‘Large Company list’ is the firm’s eighth successive appearance at these prestigious annual awards.

“Cloud computing is sometimes perceived to be an invisible service that happens somewhere between a company’s server room and its internet pipe connection. As such, I am resolutely proud to say that we continue to put the human side of our service first and foremost, both in terms of what our customers see and in terms of how we work to serve our own employees in a culture that champions people, skills and job satisfaction from the start,” said Taylor Rhodes, Rackspace Managing Director, International.

Rackspace serves some of the biggest consumer and business brands on the planet, hosting cloud services for companies such as Domino’s, Vodafone, Sage and many more. Keeping service levels to a maximum under Rackspace’s Fanatical Support promise while constantly nurturing an employee empowerment culture that makes people want to get up for work in the morning is, most would argue, no mean feat in today’s challenging world economic climate.

As a company at the forefront of modern working practices, Rackspace insists upon finding and recruiting the right new Rackers as the company continues to grow and expand. All Rackers are encouraged to be individuals and contribute to improving how they work and how they manage their roles in general. The company provides a fun environment and consistently looks for ways to keep employees motivated and excited by their jobs.

The UK’s Best Workplaces Awards is run by the Great Place to Work® Institute, a global research and management consultancy that helps organisations identify, create and sustain great workplaces through the development of high-trust workplace cultures. More than 5,500 organisations are currently involved in the global Best Workplaces Programme, making it the largest of its kind. The Great Place to Work® Institute conducts programmes in 48 countries, including 18 in Europe.

This year 75 organisations in the UK have been recognised for being great places to work – large, medium or small. These organisations have met the Great Place to Work Institutes three requirements for a great workplace: Employees trust their management; Employees take pride in what they do; Employees enjoy working with their colleagues.

Tom O’Byrne, Chief Executive of Great Place to Work Institute UK, says: “I am delighted to congratulate all our winners on their achievement and thank their leaders for continuing to champion the importance of trust in the workplace. In the current economic climate, it has never been more crucial for organisations to recognise the importance of creating and maintaining great workplace cultures and the impact this can have on business performance.”

Chas Narula, Channel Racker, sums it up: “It’s brilliant to walk to your desk on your first day to find balloons and a welcome card signed by everyone in your team- that really is emblematic of the underlying feeling you get throughout your time at Rackspace. The atmosphere is infectious and I can honestly say that it only takes a few days to become really excited about your role and what you want to achieve. It’s clear that upon joining, the values are embedded in the organisation and you soon come to realise that the success of Rackspace is a result of a seamless blend between hard work and fun.”