Rackspace Offers High-Performance MongoDB Database-As-A-Service From UK Data Centre

Scalable Low Latency NoSQL Database-as-a-Service with Speed, Safety and Support

London – January 22, 2013 - Rackspace® Hosting (NYSE: RAX), the open cloud company, has launched ObjectRocket, its NoSQL MongoDB Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS), in its UK data centre. With the open source-based MongoDB solution, Rackspace will broaden its portfolio to offer European customers a NoSQL DBaaS for big data applications. This offering will be built upon hardware optimised specifically for MongoDB and easily accessed and integrated into existing systems.

“Rackspace’s work to establish a strong presence within the high-growth NoSQL database market has flourished since our acquisition of ObjectRocket back in February 2013. Bringing this technology to our local European customer base is integral to expanding the total service offering available from our UK data centre. We can now provide MongoDB with low latency, high-bandwidth proximity to our other cloud and hosting solutions,” said Nigel Beighton, VP Technology at Rackspace International.

ObjectRocket is a sharded and fully managed MongoDB service built with a set of tools and APIs designed to maximise uptime and reduce administration time - all supported by Rackspace’s Fanatical Support®. It is highly scalable allowing it to grow with customers’ business needs. In addition, data is multiplexed across many physically separate systems – minimising the possibility of downtime in any eventuality.

Rackspace has precision-tuned its delivery of MongoDB to make it much faster for customers to use. As this offering now comes to the UK market, customers will be able to benefit from a service that has been completely optimised for running MongoDB across all layers of the stack, from the network to the file system and the hardware. It is essentially a power socket for applications; users just plug it into ObjectRocket and Rackspace manages all the scaling, sharding and performance of the database itself, freeing developer time to focus 100% on the application itself.

Customers will be able to choose from a range of transparent pricing plans based upon individual data storage requirements, details of which can be found at (www.rackspace.co.uk/objectrocket). Customers can also have a one month free trial when they sign up online.

Product information summary:

•    Highly Available – Each instance resides on multiple redundant pieces of infrastructure, while databases are replicated and optionally exist in multiple geo-diverse data centres.
•    Automatically Scalable – ObjectRocket’s RocketScale™ technology inherently shards instances, enabling developers to automatically provision and manage instances. Customers can choose from a variety of plans to fit their workload – from one gigabyte to multi-terabyte scale.
•    Consistently Fast Performance – The complete stack has been optimised specifically for MongoDB applications. The network stack, file system, OS kernel, and other resources have been configured to make MongoDB as fast as possible.  All data is stored on redundant, blazing-fast Solid State Drives. During internal performance benchmarking tests:

o    ObjectRocket produced a consistent latency of 2ms, which is 10X faster than the closest DBaaS competitor
o    ObjectRocket met all target throughputs, up to 10,000 ops per second, which is three times the rate of the nearest DBaaS competitor
o    To view performance benchmarking test results and methodology, visit: http://devops.rackspace.com/benchmarking-hosted-mongodb-services.html
o    24×7 Fanatical Support– ObjectRocket owns and controls the entire stack, allowing for greater visibility into potential platform issues and faster resolution. With ObjectRocket, every customer receives 24x7x365 fanatical support.