OpenStack Conference

OpenStack Conference

Last year Rackspace decided to open source the software that powers our Cloud Computing products and we have had a fantastic response as we build the OpenStack community.  In a little over 6 months more than 40 companies have joined the community and thanks to code from a more than 100 developers OpenStack recently announced the “Bexar” release of the code.

Over the last few months I have been approached many times by customers and partners who want to know more about what OpenStack is and why are we doing this?  Well, it is worth reading Lew’s blog post to find out a little more about how we got this project started, and if you are interested to learn more you can visit the community site: or attend the conference next month:

Dates: April 26-29, 2011

Location: Hyatt Regency in Santa Clara, California (

Cost: $100 for all attendees; late registrations will pay $150

Event Size: 350 attendees is the maximum

OpenStack Conference: April 26th & 27th, for business development, technologists and anyone interested in the open source project.

OpenStack Design Summit: April 27th – 29th, for community developers to review blueprints and plan future OpenStack releases.


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