New! The Rackspace cloud deployment tool

Is manual management of your cloud environment getting you down? Do you wish someone would wave a magic wand and take away the stress and hassle of setting up individual servers, installing applications and configuring load balancers?

Well, your fairy cloudmother has arrived in the form of the Rackspace Cloud deployment tool.

This amazing new tool will help you build a complete cloud environment on the Rackspace public cloud, including setting up servers, databases and load balancers, installing software and deploying a range of the most popular applications at the touch of a button. The deployment tool will not only save you time and make your day easier but it will also ensure that you always have a configuration optimised for your needs.

Sounds too good to be true?

Some of our Rackers have produced a short infomercial to demonstrate the benefits of the Cloud deployment tool in their own inimitable style. If you want any further information on the benefits, options and pricing please visit the cloud deployments page on our website.