Customer Stories: Bis2Bis


Our Customer

Bis2Bis has been helping businesses worldwide integrate Magento e-commerce for over 9 years, specializing in Magento virtual stores.

The Obstacles They Faced

To meet the growing demand for scalability that their customers required for their e-commerce stores, Bis2Bis looked to local hosting partners in Brazil but struggled to find a partner that could manage their infrastructure, often finding a lack of transparency and minimal support for their infrastructure.

What We Achieved Together

Increased scalability of their e-commerce stores and a greater focus on developing technologies for the Magento platform. They no longer have to worry about managing underlying infrastructure because they have Rackspace expertise on their side.

How We Helped


Ecommerce Hosting, Infrastructure, Managed Cloud, Managed Public Cloud, Scalability



We needed a company specializing in infrastructure and in the management of such infrastructure. The good news is that we found all of it in the same place. We found all of it in Rackspace

Galleger Ilhe
Commercial Director

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