Virtualization Helps Your Business

Use Cases

Choose server virtualization when efficiency, security and performance are critical.

VMware vSphere® Microsoft® Hyper-V®
Why Rackspace VMware vSphere features such as HA, vMotion and DRS work together to support your applications’ performance. Microsoft Hyper-V offers the efficiency of virtualization along with built-in backups and geographical redundancy.
About Platforms
  • Powered by dedicated hardware
  • Run multiple virtual machines per physical host
  • Create, customize, clone and provision VMs via an easy-to-use web control panel
  • Backed by 150+ VMware-certified professionals and 15+ years of managed hosting experience
  • Included with Windows, so no fee for unsupported VMs
  • Flexible options for managed VMs
  • Support workload continuity and quick recovery
  • Automated end-to-end deployment
  • Backed by 2000+ Microsoft technical certifications and 15+ year of hosting experience
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Why Choose Rackspace for Server Virtualization

Easy Path to the Cloud

If the evolution of your business calls for a private, public or hybrid cloud configuration in the future, we’ve got you covered. We’ll help you choose a best-fit solution from Microsoft®, VMware®, AWS, Google® or OpenStack®.

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"Anytime you’re moving a datacenter, it’s a daunting proposition which takes a lot of planning. Rackspace really came in and managed the project for us, helped us with technical expertise on the details, and helped us move 350 servers and over a petabyte of storage into the Rackspace Cloud."

Steven Carlberg

Managing Director of Infrastructure and Security, Feeding America

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