We Have the Solutions: Three Technological Challenges Predicted for 2022

by Rackspace Technology Staff

Three technological challenges predicted for 2022

In a post-pandemic scenario, economic recovery is fundamental: it is estimated that Latin American companies lost 17% of their value. On the other hand, The Financial Times reported 100 companies that, against all odds, thrived during the crisis.

Along with commercial giants like Amazon and Microsoft, e-commerce companies knew how to disseminate the adoption of technological solutions to help other businesses and ventures stay afloat. Not only did the increase their own revenues, they also helped to bolster the millions of allied users dependent on their products and services.

As more and more companies advance their digital transformation we’re not only looking to help rebuild those businesses hit by pandemic, but to adapt them to a tougher market less dependent on traditional models.

Virtualization and digitalization will be a key component in creating stronger companies and anticipating the roadblocks while preparing a strategy is vital. Looking ahead to 2022, we’ve identified three challenges that your business could face and how Rackspace Technology® can provide solutions to mitigate these impending issues.


Challenge 1: Redundant processes

Many business processes tend to consume time and resources without adding value. At Rackspace Technology, we combine machine learning and MLOps algorithms to locate areas of opportunity where processes can be automated, reducing human interference and the tendency for errors and delays. In addition to eliminating repetitive processes, however, the correct adoption of artificial intelligence and machine learning can also provide invaluable data to project operational shifts and future results, empowering decision-making with meaningful values.


Challenge 2: Obsolete applications

Legacy apps tend to stay on the market because there's a rumor that upgrading them will be expensive or complicated. However, cloud-native applications offer opportunities that will multiply value in the long run by reducing time to market and creation. Rackspace Technology's "hands-on" engagement model enables you to explore and adapt native development in an automated way, giving you all the benefits of a cloud native environment.


Challenge 3: Security risks

It is estimated that 52% of organizations have suffered security breaches in the past 12 months. These threats often take more than 200 days to report, and recovery costs can be as high as millions of dollars. Having a security team on the hunt for threats to data and servers is an important strategy in anticipating attacks as a preventive defense. In addition, a system of pre-approved actions reduces the response time to neutralize a cyber-attack before it’s effective.


Rackspace Technology

Now more than ever, technology is fundamental to your business, and it's no longer just about infrastructure, it’s about solutions. Rackspace Elastic Engineering is our premier solution for managing cloud environments. Our highly trained engineers are available to collaborate with your organization and help you generate successful results.

We want to ensure that nothing prevents you from taking your business to the next level in 2022. We're here to help you thrive and realize the full value of the cloud.

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