Rackspace Bets on Strategic iGaming Partnership with Just Eleven


Rackspace Bets on Strategic iGaming Partnership with Just Eleven

Rackspace has consolidated upon its strategic partnership with Malta-based channel, consultancy and software tooling specialist Just Eleven. With a specific focus in the fast-growing iGaming (Internet online gambling) industry, Just Eleven will enable iGaming providers with the full breadth of Rackspace’s managed cloud services and global data centres.

After working with Rackspace informally for over a year, Just Eleven has now formalised its strategic working relationship with Rackers at the UK headquarters. This development comes at a time of spiralling growth and interest in the iGaming sector on a global level.

Trusted iGaming partner

Through this partnership, Rackspace is now acting as a trusted partner for the iGaming industry. Rackspace regards this relationship as a key enabler to expanding its work in this comparatively untapped industry vertical. With dense traffic volumes and stringent compliance guidelines to regulate this industry, it is key for iGaming providers to build partnerships with global companies like Rackspace.

As well as Just Eleven, Rackspace has also recently begun working with one of the major sports betting and iGaming providers, Malta-based BtoBet.

“BtoBet is a multinational company operating worldwide with a revolutionary platform that provides unprecedented tactics for player retention alongside infinite personalised marketing strategies," said BtoBet CEO Kostandina Zafirovska.

"We provide an innate and innovative Artificial Intelligence engine to study player behaviour, which gives iGaming companies marketing tools to eliminate complexity and unlock growth," she added. "As we now take our technology forward using Rackspace managed cloud services, I am already pleased to see the improved SLAs, especially in hardware fixes. We have peace of mind that our infrastructure is secure, highly available and will scale with us as our business grows.”

Rackspace standard platform advantages

In terms of the working operational relationship, Rackspace itself provides a standard platform for enterprises in the iGaming industry with special focus on security, availability and performance. The consultants at Just Eleven are able to leverage the market expertise and technical knowledge they have acquired through their establishment in iGaming to explain, validate and ultimately suggest Rackspace to providers within the iGaming industry.

By working together, Just Eleven and Rackspace are able to reduce the complexity for iGaming providers as they are effortlessly paired with a hosting partner that understands their business and how it can be improved. iGaming providers will benefit from the robustness of Rackspace’s highly available, single tenant solutions and access to the world’s leading clouds backed by Rackspace Fanatical Support ®.

Rackspace Cloud to fuel a 24x7 always-on industry

Looking forward at how it will use its relationship with Rackspace, Just Eleven says it knows iGaming already depends on cloud because the global, 24x7 always-on iGaming industry is not restricted to land-based operations; all operators are seeking to go online.

Through Just Eleven, Rackspace now fully understands the needs of the iGaming industry and can provide the level of services needed throughout the scope of daily operations.

“It is a pleasure for us to be able to act as a bridge between Rackspace and the iGaming industry and to be able to serve key players in the gaming industry," said Massimiliano Isoppo, founder and senior consultant at Just Eleven.

Our team looks forward to offering its technical expertise to other iGaming providers who will now be able to gain the operational flexibility and control that comes from the Rackspace managed cloud,” he said.

Rackspace is betting on a bright future with Just Eleven!