How I found my work-life balance


How I found my work-life balance

Work-based burnout is not a myth and is very real, according to leading health experts. Nearly a million people call in sick to work due to professional stress every single day in the UK. An overall decline in life happiness, along with decreased job satisfaction and productivity are all outcomes of work-based burnout. Unfortunately, this is something nearly every professional experiences in their working life.

In 2019, Rackspace was ranked at #10 in the Best Place To Work awards. We are also regularly featured in the Sunday Time Best Place to Work list, where Rackspace has been listed as one of the ‘Best Companies to Work For’ eight times in the last 11 years. This comes as no surprise to me as there is a variety of morale-boosting activities and some great company benefits at Rackspace. For example, for Halloween at the Hayes office there was a ‘CarnEvil’ where all Rackers (Rackspace employees) could dress up in a carnival-themed outfits and take part in different games during breaks. The day ended with a Spooktacular fashion show. Along with Halloween celebrations, there is also a company gym and every year there’s an amazing Winter Holiday Party. These are all things that contribute to Rackers wanting to nominate the company as a great place to work.

Kevin Jones, Rackspace’s CEO, has stated that continuing to be a great place to work is a key objective for 2020. Company culture and our Fanatical Experience™ is at the forefront of all we do. Here are some of the personal reasons I think Rackspace earns its workplace accolades.

Work hard, play hard in the games room

The games room at the Hayes office is sometimes the escape we all need to break-up the day. Individuals from all over the business use it as a way to relieve stress. At times when your brain is most active, a simple game of ping pong can provide respite. This improves efficiency and productivity during your work hours and contributes to a better work-life balance.

The games room is also great for networking and meeting Rackers from different disciplines. It provides a place to establish friendships beyond work. A prime example was when Marketing Intern Jay Gokani connected with fellow Racker Enrico Palomeno, which led to Jay discover his career goal of becoming a Solutions Architect.

A healthy body, a healthy mind

As a relatively sporty individual, I find my own work-life balance in fitness. If you’ve had a busy morning, by the time lunch comes around your brain can feel like it’s at maximum capacity and you can start making rash decisions. Rackers are encouraged to use their lunch breaks to spend time exercising in the on-site gym or meditating in the quiet room. Which means you can return to your desk feeling refreshed and ready to smash the rest of the day! This is something I could not recommend enough for all Rackers from my personal experience – so don’t be surprised if you find me in the gym running to ‘Eye of the Tiger’.

Rackspace supports good mental health with a volunteer group of Rackers who form ‘The Lavender Group’ which promotes positive wellbeing. The Lavender Group has previously organised activities for mental health awareness. Separately, I was a big fan of the recent Doggy De-stress day which allowed Rackers to take 15 minutes to pet man’s best friend. This is a good example of how Rackspace takes care of its employees and encourages a good work-life balance. A business which conducts activities such as these shows they care about the mental health of its employees.

These are just some of the things Rackspace has to prevent burnout and support a healthy work-life balance. If burnout is something you fear, consider adding some of the above-mentioned activities to your daily routine. At Rackspace, these activities are run by Rackers for Rackers, assisting in the initiative Kevin set out when he came to Rackspace. Compassion is one of the core values at Rackspace, and this is shown through these initiatives.

We are one team doing the right thing for each other in every way possible. Rackspace has shown me that it’s more than just a business; it’s a culture that evokes a family atmosphere through friendships created across the business. It’s taught me to be kind and look out for your colleagues as it makes the world a better place!

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