From Rookie to Racker at a Great Place to Work

by Kamalpreet Badasha, Content Marketer, Rackspace Technology

Rookie to Racker image

Best Workplaces named Rackspace in its top 10 this year. And as a newer “Racker” (the company name for employee), it’s an accolade that I can heartily back.

Building a great work environment is a key initiative identified by another new Racker, Kevin Jones, our newly-appointed CEO. In fact, company culture, alongside delivering a Fanatical Customer Experience, remain at the forefront of everything we do. But exactly how are those initiatives tied? Simple. Every stellar customer experience begins with a Racker.

Welcome Home
The creation of that experience begins straight away. When I joined Rackspace it wasn’t just a case of sign-a-contract-and-go-to-your-desk. My first day, aptly dubbed ‘Welcome Home’, involved a comprehensive introduction to the company and culture - an “everything you need to know to start ahead” approach.


But the introductions didn’t stop there. Swiftly following was a three-day induction programme called Rookie-O. What an experience! Learning about the different departments, building servers (a bit like complicated Lego), testing the strength of eggs and, of course, meeting fellow new Rackers. It was quite the birds-eye view of this cloud services company.

Fly your flag

But what about when the honeymoon is over? When you’ve cleared away the welcome unicorn confetti and balloons? Well, there are things that allow us to celebrate our individuality – like selecting a flag to hang above your desk. (Mine is the United Nations; some Rackers have country flags and others have sports teams.)

Honest & Open

Transparency is one of Rackspace’s core values, so Initiatives that support this include things like Open Book – a monthly session in which the leadership team give detailed insights into the present and future of the business. A unique way to keep us all engaged in what position the business is in.

Lunch & Learn

With technology evolving at lightning speed, collaboration and communication are key to ensuring Rackers remain up-to-date and able to provide best-in-class technical expertise. Lunch & Learn training sessions allow us or gain further insights on key subjects over a lunchtime. 

Not Forgetting the Fun!

“Fun Budget” is a quarterly, company-funded team building activity that gives Rackers an opportunity to further bond and deepen their relationships among their immediate team. It can be anything from dinner to boat trips or climbing the O2!  And then there are themed days organised to celebrate our individual differences. For example, Diversity Day was about appreciating the different cultures that make up the company. The day included a meditation session with a Buddhist Monk – not exactly something you’d expect from your average tech company.

Creating a Fanatical Customer Experience

So what does any of this have to do with Fanatical Customer Experience?

The company knowledge and contacts gained during onboarding equip every Racker with the know-how and connections to navigate the company in an effort to makes a customer’s experience bespoke. Open Book helps to keep Rackers engaged, resulting in a more engaging experience for customers. Information is key so there’s Lunch & Learns providing an opportunity to learn extra. And, by acknowledging Rackers as valued individuals, through personalisation of desks and Fun Budgets, Rackers are then able to pay it forward to our customers who are just as valuable.

These are just a few of the things that make Rackspace so awesome and, by creating a winning workplace environment and happy Rackers, we can better provide a Fanatical Experience for our customers.

So, whilst we may have a new captain, the directive to provide a superb customer experience remains the same.