Finding the Right Partner for Application Modernization


Finding the Right Partner for Application Modernization

Forward-looking organizations know they need to modernize their applications; according to Accenture, 85 percent of execs believe legacy IT hinders their ability to move to a digital model.

They know that modernizing apps offers improved performance, boosting customer experiences, often lowering costs and increasing security.

The problem is, most companies simply don’t have the resources to do it — in the same report, Accenture found that typical IT budgets can allocate up to 90 percent to maintaining current state, leaving a pittance for innovation. Nor do they have the in-house expertise, even if they are able to make the case to the boardroom that the investment is 14worth making.

One solution is to find a partner with that expertise. But how do you find the right partner, with the capabilities necessary to assess your business, create a holistic plan, then manage and optimize the work in a way that sets you up for success now, and in the future.

So what’s the answer to finding the right partner? Start by asking the right questions:

Can your experts architect my applications for the latest technologies?

Technology is moving fast; from artificial intelligence to internet of things, robotic process automation to blockchain, your application environment must be able to handle whatever comes next…and whatever comes after that. Your partner needs to have its finger on the pulse of the latest technologies to help you see around the corner and set you up for future success.

Do you approach application modernization from a business perspective?

Lots of companies will take your applications and simply move them to the cloud. But that’s just not sufficient. To truly take advantage of application modernization, it’s critical to also update the way you do business. Your partner needs to understand your desired business outcomes, then align your application environment to those — not the other way around.

Do you have technical expertise in the solutions my company depends on?

Each application or package is different. And whether you are just doing a lift and shift, wrapping them with an API layer, or need a full application customization, familiarity with the nuances of those applications is critical. Your partner needs expertise across the leading ERP, CRM, digitial experience, database, and productivity solutions, so you know your critical systems will be available to run your business.

Are you employing the latest technologies and best practices to optimize performance?

Application modernization is not a one time activity, it is a continuous journey to make sure your apps are performing optimally in your IT environment. Your partner must have the ability to monitor and tweak your applications to ensure peak performance to drive better results.

Do you have an ecosystem of partners for additional support?

Application modernization is complex; no customers’ situation is exactly the same. That means no single vendor will have the resources to solve every unique problem every time. Your partner needs a network of trusted companies to call on. With the right partners, you partner can easily clear unexpected roadblocks.

Can you support our entire application modernization journey?

Application modernization doesn’t stop with a roadmap report or even once everything has been modernized. Organizations must still maintain and manage those applications going forward to ensure they deliver for your business — and without adding new specialists to your IT headcount. Your partner should be able to help run your applications no matter where they reside — on-premises, private or public cloud — so you can focus on delivering new solutions for your company.

Are you truly dedicated to our success?

There are lots of companies who will back up the bus full of consultants to your front door on day one to throw at your challenges. And in four weeks or six months, they will back it up again, load them all up, and take them away, leaving behind a report that your team is responsible for implementing. Your partner needs to be vested in your company, with resources you can call on for the foreseeable future. Their success must be tied with yours.

While choosing the right partner might not be simple, it is crucial. Consider starting the process with Rackspace Application Services; we can help you with comprehensive digital transformation, including application modernization. We apply our “Process First. Technology Second” approach to dig deep and understand your company’s goals. Only then do we figure out the best technologies to get you there. By partnering with Rackspace to build digital-ready application environments backed by managed and professional services, your business will benefit from unbiased, outcome-focused application services built on unrivaled cloud expertise.

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