Digital Agency ZAG Interactive Thrives with Rackspace Support


Digital Agency ZAG Interactive Thrives with Rackspace Support

This guest post was written by Vanessa Demetrio, business development specialist with ZAG Interactive. 

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What started as one man’s entrepreneurial dream of creating a web development business has blossomed into a multi-pronged agency that has grown beyond his imagination.

As ZAG Interactive, a full-service agency in Glastonbury, CT, approaches its 15th anniversary in 2017, President and CEO Larry Miclette has presided over tremendous change and growth at the company he launched as a one-man shop.

ZAG Interactive President and CEO Larry Miclette

ZAG has evolved into a company of 50 employees serving more than 300 clients throughout North America, standing as a go-to agency for a diverse range of companies, including corporations, utilities and institutions of all sizes in the financial services sector.

That growth has been fueled, in part, by ZAG’s longtime relationship with Rackspace.

“Our partnership with Rackspace allows us to serve larger and larger clients because Rackspace’s cloud services and support are top-notch,” Miclette said.

“We confidently and readily recommend Rackspace as a selling point to potential clients who ask us about hosting.”

ZAG’s clients include financial institutions with billions of dollars in assets and strict hosting and support requirements, which Rackspace is uniquely positioned to fulfill. And the peace of mind that comes from Rackspace’s 24/7/365 support is invaluable when ZAG discusses hosting options with clients. In some cases, ZAG attracts clients interested solely in the hosting capabilities offered through its connection with Rackspace.

“We’re talking about financial institutions with high expectations and specific demands in this area,” Miclette said. “When we mention Rackspace, the IT leaders at these financial institutions immediately understand the value of that relationship, and for anyone who doesn’t know Rackspace, it doesn’t take long to convince them. You can’t put a price tag on that level of trust.”

ZAG enjoys a close relationship with Rackspace, so much that the team leaders in Connecticut and Texas meet regularly and work closely to discuss the solutions that ZAG customizes for each of its clients.

As ZAG continues to attract additional and more diverse clients, Miclette will continue to emphasize his company’s relationship with Rackspace as a comprehensive solution for expert hosting, security controls and unmatched industry expertise. The security Rackspace offers is especially important with the elevated threat of distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks that have caused significant disruptions for major companies in the past several months.

ZAG leverages additional hosting and security services through Rackspace that are differentiating factors for current and would-be clients who prioritize web security.

For example, web application firewalls, or WAF, constantly analyze incoming traffic to identify malicious agents, while the Intrusion Detection System mitigates attacks by preventing malicious code from being added to a client’s existing site code. ZAG is able to adjust to clients’ server needs by quickly ramping up or down, as necessary, and recovering web service in a timely manner because of geographic redundancy.

“Our clients want to know that the website we spent so much time strategizing and crafting for them will continue to be in expert hands post-launch,” Miclette said. “We can assure them of that because of Rackspace’s people and their commitment to providing attentive, expert service. Rackspace will absolutely be a significant factor in ZAG Interactive’s future growth.”

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