#cloudchat 22 Recap: When Does Private Cloud Make Sense?


#cloudchat 22 Recap: When Does Private Cloud Make Sense?

To kick off the first #cloudchat of 2018, participants contributed to a lively discussion about all things private cloud! From weighing cost considerations, to the expertise needed to maintain, our experts unpacked the situations when a private cloud solution is the best option for a company. Read what folks had to share and stay tuned during the month of January for more private cloud topics.

#cloudchat participants included VMWare’s Sunny Dua, Red Hat’s Thomas Cameron and Stuart Ainsworth of Jack Henry & Associates. We also had OCSL CMO Jane Ayres, Accenture Federal’s Dominic Delmolino and Fortium Partners’ Brian Greenburg. Rounding out the group were Rackers Eglė Sigler, Eric Johnson, Kevin Jackson and our Chief Evangelist John Engates who answered the following questions on private cloud:

  • Q1: What kind of workloads and use cases are particularly well-suited to private cloud? #cloudchat
  • Q2: What are the most important types of expertise required to successfully implement private cloud? How can you best access them? #cloudchat
  • Q3: What are the biggest cost considerations around private cloud? When might it be the most cost-effective option? #cloudchat
  • Q4: What do you see as the biggest advantages and tradeoffs of private cloud compared to public cloud? #cloudchat
  • Q5: What are the risks associated with private cloud? How can they be minimized? #cloudchat
  • Q6: How is security and compliance for private cloud different compared to public cloud or bare metal servers? #cloudchat

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Right out of the gate we asked cloud chatters to weigh in on the workloads and use cases best suited for private cloud and heard two major themes: large, complex workloads and heavily regulated workloads.



With that, what expertise is required to successfully implement and manage private cloud? Participants agreed strong, knowledgeable people are a must, coupled with sound understanding of cloud technology. John Engates raised the point that if expertise is a concern, managed service providers like Rackspace can help.




In terms of cost, Sunny Dua said private cloud is always going to be cheaper in the long run, adding that it’s “cost effective for long term commitment, businesses with predictive demand, and Medium to Large scale organizations.”


Cloud chatter Nicole Scalese warned of sticker shock related to the cost of deployment and training.


When discussing the advantages of private cloud versus public, cloud chatters were unanimous in their response: control. Kevin Jackson used the analogy of a family, saying with private cloud there’s “No noisy neighbor (just your own family making noises!)”




We asked participants about risks associated with private cloud implementation and Dominic Delmolino advised the transition process may be more difficult than expected.


Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, we asked the experts how security and compliance differ on private cloud. Brian Greenburg argued that security on private cloud is mostly the same, while Thomas Cameron noted the highly variable workloads require security to be revisited with every project.



Enjoyed our very first #cloudchat of 2018 on private cloud? Read more of what the experts had to say in our Twitter Moment and stay tuned for more chats on private cloud during January.