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Brew Up Cost Optimization and Efficiency in 2024

Two Rackspace Technology executives discuss how companies can optimize costs and boost efficiency in 2024, and answer audience questions regarding cloud migration, hybrid multicloud strategies and more.


In this episode of Coffee Talk, Rackspace Technology® experts Josh Prewitt, Senior Vice President of Solution Engineering, and Ed Kerr, Product Director, share their perspectives on the top technology challenges of 2024, focusing on cost optimization and efficiency. The discussion covers various topics, including:

  • Addressing the challenges of running a data center and evaluating a move to the cloud
  • “Optimizing, adopting and escaping” strategies for dealing with vendor license changes
  • Identifying the right workloads for public and private cloud environments
  • The role of hybrid multicloud in modern IT strategies
  • Considering OpenStack as a viable alternative to proprietary solutions

Join Josh and Ed as they dive into these topics and answer questions, providing insights based on their extensive experience!


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Hybrid Multicloud Edge Strategy

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About the Authors

Josh Prewitt

VP, Public Cloud

Josh Prewitt

Since joining Rackspace Technology in 2010 as a Linux Administrator in our Customer Success organization, Josh has led numerous teams and functions across Rackspace including global technical support organizations, operations, product management, software development and engineering. In his current role as VP, Public Cloud, Josh oversees Rackspace Technology’s Public Cloud Solutions strategy for services on AWS, Azure, and GCP creating innovative solutions for customers. Prior to joining Rackspace, Josh was a customer of Rackspace from 2003-2009 and led a handful of affiliate marketing startups.  

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