The 2024 IT Outlook Report

Our survey captures the perspectives and priorities of global leaders in relation to business strategy, cloud utilization, AI, talent acquisition and sustainability in 2024.

Uncover key insights into the evolving IT landscape with our comprehensive 2024 IT Outlook Report. This report captures the perspectives and priorities of 1,420 IT decision-makers (ITDMs) around the world, covering the topics of business strategy, cloud adoption, AI advancements, talent acquisition and sustainability for the year 2024.

Here are just a few of the insights available to you now in this complimentary report:

  • Edge computing and cloud adoption: Witness a strategic shift as organizations navigate economic challenges to invest in application modernization and cloud migration.
  • AI's pervasive influence: AI emerges as the top technological priority, with 65% of IT leaders recognizing its potential impact on their organizations in the coming year.
  • The need for measurable impact: Despite AI's role in driving innovation, there's a crucial need for governance and more precise ROI metrics to assess its effect on productivity and sales.

In October 2023, VMware, Dell Technologies and Coleman Parkes Research, in collaboration with Rackspace Technology, conducted a survey among IT decision-makers from various sectors, including financial services, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, retail, entertainment, hospitality, travel, government and healthcare, across the Americas, Asia and EMEA regions. This report documents their survey responses. Get your complimentary copy of The 2024 IT Outlook Report today.

To view the infographic, scroll down, or click here to download a PDF version. 

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