Keep Your AWS Secure

Ensuring your application portfolio is safe, secure and stable is vital step to achieve your business outcomes with AWS. If you choose to manage your cloud security in house, you are now responsible for locating, hiring and retaining a team of experts to be available to run operations 24x7, monitor activity within your system, and manage patches and unforeseen fixes. You will also incur the expense of identifying and procuring expertise on a security toolset.

Fanatical Support for AWS delivers the right combination of certified AWS experts and management tools to help keep your environments secure and stable. We are available 24x7 and will react to unexpected interruptions and issues for you.

Here is how we do it

Account-Level Security

Locked root access. Centralized management of accounts, permission sets, and experts to help configure your AWS to meet your security requirements.

Auditability and Logging

Automated checks for compliance with security best practices, and comprehensive logging of time series data to maintain accountability.

Infrastructure Management

Secure cross-site and EC2 instance access, with OS patching for normal updates as well as emergency hotfixes.

Key benefits of our Security Services


  • Automated status checks access policies and key usage
  • Monthly checkpoints with your TAM ensure your AWS accounts and environment are using best practices

Security Logging

  • CloudTrail logging is enabled for all AWS regions and federated across all accounts to provide a unified view of all control plane and data plane activities

AWS Infrastructure Management

  • Configuration & support for AWS site-to-site VPN
  • OS-level patching for EC2 instances and security group rule management
  • Dynamic bastion service (Passport) to provide secure access to EC2 instances

Data Encryption

  • At Rest: All databases leverage the AWS Key Management Service (KMS) for data encryption at rest.
  • In Transit: All communication between services are encrypted during transit using SSL.

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