Sitecore Implementation Assessment

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When it comes to ensuring your applications work seamlessly and perform as expected in this multicloud world, one size does not fit all. This becomes even more critical as you rely on Sitecore to drive your online business.

Whether you’re looking to add managed services, implement new Sitecore environments or optimize costs or business processes, Rackspace Technology can help.

Depending on your goals, a Sitecore Implementation Assessment can take as little as a week to complete. During the assessment, Rackspace Technology learns about your current business and technical goals through joint workshops and discovers challenges, strategies and positions related to the use of Sitecore XP, XM or XC applications.

Once all requirements and deep-dives have been completed, Rackspace Technology will create a detailed findings summary report that provides recommendations and insight into your current position.

Key Benefits

  • Visibility: Rackspace Technology will detail the financial- and time-related interdependencies in play to help you deliver your project successfully.
  • Reduced risk: Sitecore experts from Rackspace Technology will perform a comprehensive analysis of your Sitecore environments and provide recommendations to achieve your business goals.
  • A clear path to reaching goals: Rackspace Technology will help you establish and track toward achieving your business and/or technical goals, delivering value through:
    • Sitecore cost optimization
    • Application and databases infrastructure optimization
    • Managed services operations optimization

Assessment Deliverables

The exact deliverables will be defined by the goal and scope of the assessment. Here is an example of various deliverables that will be produced as part of an assessment that is focused on cost optimization:

  • Application Services Analysis
  • Sitecore XP, Content Delivery Analysis
  • Sitecore XP, Content Management Analysis
  • Sitecore XP, Identify Server Analysis
  • Sitecore xConnect Marketing, Automation Operations Analysis
  • SQL Server Analysis
  • Solr Search Analysis
  • Redis Infrastructure and Networking Analysis
  • Load Balancers and Application Gateways Infrastructure and
  • Networking Analysis
  • Cloud CDN Infrastructure and Networking Analysis

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