Maximize the Performance of Your Elasticsearch Clusters

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Get your Elasticsearch® clusters working faster with Managed Elasticsearch. Our Elasticsearch experts can deploy, optimize and manage Elasticsearch on your preferred infrastructure: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft® Azure®, OpenStack® or single-tenant servers.

ObjectRocket, a Rackspace company, will architect and administer your solution — and back it with the expertise and commitment to service we call Fanatical Support®.

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Elasticsearch Use Cases

Log and Analyze Data

The Elasticsearch ecosystem simplifies logging and log analysis. Access data wherever it lives and index it using Beats, Logstash and Ingest Nodes.

Then create rich dashboards and analysis using Kibana®, and use Curator to put the retention period on autopilot.

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Scrape and Combine Data

The Elastic Stack makes it easy to collect and index remote data. The lack of a strict schema means you can consume multiple sources of data and still keep it manageable and searchable. 

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Event Data and Metrics

Elasticsearch can handle large amounts of time series data, such as application events and metrics. Elasticsearch components support a broad range of technologies. In the rare case that it doesn’t readily support something you use, we can extend its capabilities for you. 

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Visualizing Data

Use the Kibana plugin to help visualize your Elasticsearch data. Kibana includes extensive charting options, a tile service for geo data and Timelion for visualizing time series data. Boost your visualizations by attaching Elasticsearch to another database, such as MongoDB®.

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With our fully managed database-as-a-service, you’ll receive 24x7x365 access to our database experts. And we’ll back your Elasticsearch solution with financial-based SLAs. No extra fees or upsells.


Our managed Elasticsearch instances are built for speed. We provide single-tenant clusters of dedicated containers that run on high performance hardware with PCIe flash — and dedicated network connections to global data centers.


We’ll help protect your data using cluster and hardware redundancy, container-based isolation, ACLs/IP whitelisting, SSL encryption, user-based authentication and optional encryption at rest.


Elasticsearch dashboard plugins come preinstalled with every cluster, along with hosted Kibana for data visualization. Use our data connectors to easily pipe data from MongoDB or Twitter™ into Elasticsearch for analysis in Kibana.


ObjectRocket for Elasticsearch clusters include common plugins and dashboards such as Kopf, ElasticHQ and mapper attachments.

Scalable Clusters

Easily add data nodes and scale clusters — without downtime. Our dedicated support team is always available to help you migrate data and scale to a larger plan size.

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