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Science Warehouse

Our Customer

Based in Leeds, Science Warehouse provides spend management solutions to both public and private organisations across the UK, Ireland and Australia. Its technology drives efficient procurement processes within businesses, benefitting both buyers and suppliers. 

The Obstacles They Faced

Science Warehouse wanted to drive innovation in its product line, but its previous infrastructure could not provide the flexibility and growth that the team endeavoured to attain. While the team had experience of using AWS, they hadn’t used it to build products suitable for deploying at scale in production. 

What We Achieved Together

Using Rackspace Fanatical Support® for AWS in conjunction with a physically managed VMware environment, meant Science Warehouse navigated a smooth transition to hybrid cloud. With Rackspace expertise, Science Warehouse has innovated its existing product portfolio, ensuring a strong relationship with buyers and suppliers. The hybrid cloud model, allowed Science Warehouse to accelerate the rate of development and deliver three major product releases in the first half of the year, giving it confidence to deliver further innovation in future. 

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How We Helped


Infrastructure, Managed Hosting, Managed Cloud, Managed Public Cloud, Managed Private Cloud, Managed Hybrid Cloud, Managed Multi-Cloud, Performance, Scalability, Virtualization


Amazon Web Services (AWS), VMware

We have regular contact with the AWS experts at Rackspace, who proactively keep us up to date on all the major products and services from the provider. Not only do the Rackspace team keep us informed on all things AWS, but it’s a two-way conversation about our road map to ensure that we choose the right tools and services for each project.

Jonathan Russell
Chief Technology Officer

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