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Optaros is an omni-channel ecommerce consultancy offering the creative skills of a top-tier agency and the technology implementation skills of a systems integrator.


To build and deploy world-class ecommerce experiences, Optaros needs a host that can provide high availability and performance with strict security standards.


Optaros is able to build and host highly available and performant sites for their customers.

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Omni-channel ecommerce is increasingly crucial for retail success. Marrying the UX and design skills of a top-tier agency with the technology implementation skills of an IT systems integrator, Boston-based consultancy Optaros helps retailers shift their focus from traditional media-buying to omni-channel ecommerce, boosting traffic and conversions through highly customized branded ecommerce solutions.

We partner with Rackspace because we believe Rackspace is a best-in-class solution provider for the kinds of needs that our clients have. We typically work with Fortune 50 or Global 200 kinds of customers. They’re looking for effectiveness and efficiency and a range of services that meet their specific needs, project by project. Rackspace offers that kind of solution.

Robert Willms
CEO and President, Optaros

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