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Our Customer

Onguard provides an integrated platform of intelligent software solutions that help to streamline the order-to-cash process. Via the platform, customers have access to data-driven credit risk management and predictive payment behaviors capabilities, as well as e-invoicing and automated cash allocation.

The Obstacles They Faced

The processes for launching new environments were labor-intensive, which made it difficult for Onguard to respond quickly to the requests of its customers. Onguard needed a new private cloud platform that was engineered from the ground up to support automation, and was backed with security technologies and services to protect sensitive data.

What We Achieved Together

Agility has dramatically increased as a result of the collaboration. It used to take six hours to launch a customer environment, but now it takes fifteen minutes. Updates are now automated and release cycles shorter, so Onguard gets more feedback from customers, more often, and can respond to it more quickly.


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How We Helped


Managed Private Cloud, Security


Cisco, VMware

Using Rackspace’s private cloud offering makes it easier to respond to market demand while also ensuring that customers’ environments and applications are always up to date.

Marieke Saeij

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