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Omaze is a company that offers once-in-a-lifetime experiences, with the proceeds going to charitable causes.


The scale and rate at which Omaze was growing was too fast and the company was lacking in the flexibility necessary to implement new products and business opportunities which required a new custom platform.


Omaze now has a reliable, predictable and scalable process using Rackspace DevOps which allows the company to focus on product and feature development.

How We Helped Omaze


Managed Cloud, Managed Public Cloud, Professional Services, Professional Services - Application Services / DevOps


OpenStack Public Cloud

About the Customer

Whether you’re a sports-nut, fashionista, or tech-geek, and want to spend time with the artists, athletes, and luminaries you admire most there’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience waiting for you at Omaze. Each experience is matched with a specific social cause, and the process works just like a charity raffle. Omaze collects all the entries and selects the winners through a computer generated random selection process, and the proceeds (donations less campaign expenses and platform fees) are delivered to benefit the cause. You and your guest are flown out to live an incredible experience, and Omaze films the experiences and shares them back to the community so everyone can share in what you learned.

With Rackspace DevOps we really solved a lot of problems that we were having initially, even though we were using these technologies. Rackspace DevOps was able to take over and make a reliable, predictable and scalable process that didn’t require our time, which was more focus on product, and feature development was a huge win for us.

David Lieberman
VP of Engineering, Omaze

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