What is Data Freedom?

by Michael Levy, Director of Product, Storage and Colocation, Rackspace Technology

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Data is the lifeblood of every organization. Its ability to deliver insights, enable automation and transform companies is considered priceless.

Hyperscale cloud providers do not charge you for importing data to their platforms. But they hit you with hefty fees when data is removed.

These egress fees can be prohibitive for many businesses. In fact, according to IDC, 99% of US technology executives reported that they incur planned or unplanned exit fees annually.

You must ensure you have the data mobility and flexibility to move data easily and without any exit fees that continue to add up quickly as you transfer your data while ensuring data protection and data control. If you choose the wrong provider, these costs can lock you into a single hyperscaler, making it difficult to move to different cloud when needed.

And some consequences go beyond merely getting a higher data storage bill. For example, you may need to switch service providers or repatriate data from the cloud back to an on-premises location.


Achieve Data Independence

Organizations like yours have simple requirements; you want data to be accessible. And you want to keep current and ahead of the curve so that you can respond to the latest technologies or your company’s evolving multicloud ambitions.

When adopting a hybrid cloud strategy, businesses need to ensure their data is agile. If they're locked in to one or two vendors, they could miss out on innovative technologies that other clouds release in the future.

Rackspace Data Freedom enables you to remove these barriers by storing data centrally, outside of any particular cloud, and transporting it via our private, fast and secure global network backbone while ensuring your data is available to any cloud service.


Free Yourself From Egress Fees

When data exits a hyperscaler to disaggregated storage managed by Rackspace Technology®, you pay less because you’re using our private network.

We weave your endpoints together so that all traffic between them bypasses the public internet and uses our private backbone instead.

For example, traffic between Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services (AWS) benefits from lower egress fees regardless of whether it touches the Rackspace Technology managed storage environment.


Drive Innovation

Whether it’s public cloud, private, hybrid or multicloud, Rackspace Technology has the solution to make your data work for you, regardless of where it resides.

With Rackspace Data Freedom, you’re free from exorbitant bills, and the threat of future exit fees when considering multicloud strategies.

With this key obstacle removed, you gain the freedom to deploy each of your workloads on the infrastructure platform or cloud-native toolset that best suits your needs. This is the missing link for companies that wanted multicloud freedom but couldn't afford it.

Regain full jurisdiction over your data. Boost data agility, leverage data and cloud costs and eliminate data silos. Download our free e-book to learn more about how Data Freedom makes the multicloud affordable. 

Unlock Lower Cloud Data Transfer Fees