Presenting our Public Cloud Service Blocks: The perfect-fit cloud services where the customer is in control

By Lee James -

Presenting our Public Cloud Service Blocks: The perfect-fit cloud services where the customer is in control

We’re getting the fireworks out about Rackspace’s Public Cloud Service Blocks this summer. It’s been available to our customers since last year, but it’s had some time to settle in and I’m proud to say that our customers are loving it. This unique service lets customers get the cloud experience that is perfect for them.

In essence, Service Blocks is a tool to help us help our customers navigate the complexities of cloud. We understand that every cloud journey is unique, and the flexibility of Service Blocks means we can meet customers where they are and put together a custom solution that meets their unique needs. We understand that customers’ needs will change as business requirements evolve, requiring ongoing tailoring of their cloud services. Rather than being tied to a single provider, Service Blocks combines Rackspace’s experience with our unbiased view of which services are best aligned to customers’ needs.

Another way of putting it is that Rackspace’s Service Blocks are to cloud services like Gousto or HelloFresh are to family dinners. I use Gousto at home as my wife and I have four children, and the service is great for a busy family. Gousto lets us choose the recipes we want and then delivers the ingredients for a meal, sized to exactly the amount we need with no waste. These meal services let you tailor your orders to exactly what you fancy – maybe you’ll go for Italian one week and Indian the next, and maybe the adults want something different from the children. It all arrives in a neat package and it’s perfectly aligned to you.

This is also what Service Blocks does for our customers. For those who want to optimise what they get out of cloud, or who want to have more control over their experience, Service Blocks lets you pick and choose what you need, and if you change your mind next week you can just let us know. Our expertise across all aspects of cloud, be it Kubernetes, DevOps, or infrastructure architecture, means we can tailor public cloud operations while providing 24x7x365 support. Like with the meal services, there are plenty of suggestions for how you can put services together, based on what similar companies in your industry have ordered.

At risk of stretching the metaphor, Rackspace’s ingredients for our Service Blocks include not just the cloud services but also our fanatical experience, which is our people and our expertise. That’s how we tailor the perfect service blocks framework that gets delivered to the customer in just the right package.

We think this kind of individual tailoring is the future of cloud services. You already see it across other walks of life: Netflix will suggest things you may like based on your viewing history, and they don’t stop trying just because they have you signed up: their individual suggestions list is constantly evolving. In a world where there’s endless choices, this kind of customisation is vital for customers who feel they need some expert help picking the best service for them. This way people can spend less time managing their cloud, and spend more time running their business and maintaining their competitive edge.

Service Blocks means that we don’t force customers into any particular technology choices, because just like with Gousto and HelloFresh, it’s not just about the ingredients – the experience of sitting down to have a meal with your family matters too. That’s why we call it Fanatical Experience: it’s not just about getting what you strictly need, but also getting what you want – and maybe even some of the things you didn’t even think were possible.