Cutting to the Chase of Value-Adds: Why Choose Rackspace on AWS?

Chris Buckley

Cutting to the Chase of Value-Adds: Why Choose Rackspace on AWS?

Businesses come to Rackspace because they want best-of-breed assistance in building and operating their public cloud infrastructure. And we’re ready to help – the team works with customers to understand their needs and how their business works. Once we’ve evaluated the scenario, Rackspace then does the hard work of designing, deploying and tuning the environments. We have built thousands of customer environments across our global deployment teams, meaning we are well-positioned to provide opinionated, best-practice advice that’s been battle-tested.

While Rackspace is managing their cloud environment, businesses can focus entirely on their application and not the underlying infrastructure, ensuring that their teams are firing on all cylinders and delivering value. Rackspace stands alongside as a highly experienced trusted advisor, every step of the way.

Fanatical Support for Amazon Web Services

Where Rackspace distinguishes itself is the power and strength of its global relationship with AWS. The global scale of our Fanatical Support for Amazon Web Services (FAWS) team and AWS’ Enterprise Support teams means that when something goes wrong – even in the middle of the night – first responders are never being woken up because they’re already at work, they’re AWS certified and they’ve got access to an international network of experienced AWS engineers that they can draw on to collaborate with as needed. This ensures customer issues are solved as quickly as possible, with a minimum of downtime.

Another benefit of our close relationship with AWS is less visible to customers but just as beneficial. Amazonians are regularly in all of our offices and we have active communication channels with our key contacts there – they’re constantly giving us updates on new features and services on the roadmap, helping us get customers into beta programs that will help them solve business problems they’ve identified, or drive innovation in their business.

Solutions through Co-development

As a trusted advisor and huge consumer of AWS (internally and through our customers), AWS actively solicits feedback from us on the challenges that both we as an at-scale AWS Managed Service Provider and our massive customer base face on the platform. This feedback goes directly to their product teams and shapes the direction of AWS’ actual roadmap – meaning that our customers’ feature requests will often shape the AWS path.

What this ultimately means is that when a customer chooses to partner with Rackspace, they don’t just partner with Rackspace – AWS also comes along as a trusted advisor, partner, and source of support. The combination of Rackspace and AWS via their partnership ensures that our customers’ AWS infrastructure is onboarded, supported and iterated upon over time to leverage the ever-growing and evolving suite of AWS products. This gives our customers peace of mind and lets them focus leveraging the power of AWS to create business value and deliver the best possible experience to their customers.