Accelerate Your Transformation Ambitions and Business Value


Accelerate Your Transformation Ambitions and Business Value

Every organization today knows it must modernize its IT to avoid disruption; doing so is table stakes at this point.

For those who want more than simply not becoming obliterated by a born in the cloud upstart — for those who prefer to lead in this new everything-as-a-service world, business and IT operations must be completely imagined.

To then stay ahead, in this rapidly changing technological landscape, your reimagined, modernized business must remain nimble, with the right governance and regulatory frameworks in place, that allows for both security and agility.

But how? How can an organization accelerate the necessary transformation to lead?

Synchronoss Technologies found the answer in a strategic partnership.

Massive success = massive data challenges

Synchronoss helps telecom, communication and technology companies by creating digital customer journeys that reduce cost, improve consumer satisfaction and create new revenue. After the explosive success of its content transfer service, however, the company found itself processing 300 terabytes highly personal subscriber data, every single day.

Tackling this massive data challenge became a major distraction from the company’s core mission, so after conducting an extensive cost assessment, Synchronoss chose AWS public cloud. But almost immediately, company leaders understood they’d need more guidance than public cloud providers generally offer. They sought a strategic partner to define the right strategy to help his team design, migrate and support a solution on AWS.

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Defining the right cloud strategy to accelerate transformation

A well-designed hybrid or multi-cloud strategy, such as Synchronoss sought, delivers the widest choice of the latest technologies, including traditional and SaaS applications, new application and service development tools, artificial intelligence and machine learning frameworks, data and integration technologies all deployed to the right private cloud, public cloud, or hybrid environment.

It also allows companies to make the changes necessary to accelerate their transformation, such as the creation of new business opportunities. Look at how customers can be serviced in new ways, with new pricing and delivery models, by leveraging an always-on, connected, network presence that can reach customers globally with personalized services based on real time data. These new business models enable a level of personalized service and revenue generation not possible in the world of traditional IT. Think everything-as-a-service such as transportation home rentals and healthcare demand, all based on carefully crafted cloud and digital strategies.

Partnering to accelerate transformation

For companies like Synchronoss, finding a partner rather than trying to go it alone allowed it to focus on funding those new business opportunities.

“We don’t want to necessarily be in the hosting business,” explained Mary Clark, Chief Product Officer and CMO for Synchronoss. “That’s not our core capability. What we want to be focusing on is: how do I make that interface, that interaction, that client, for example, be as feature-rich and as interesting and compelling to use as possible? That’s what we want to focus on.”

And while their migration concerns are somewhat unique — they needed a partner with the capability and infrastructure know-how to migrate 100 petabytes of storage from its data centers to the cloud — migration concerns are a common obstacle. Existing applications on traditional IT infrastructure almost certainly are not agile enough to be changed in an everything-as-a-service world. Further, new demands places on traditional applications by opening them up to fuel new business models and customer experiences may overload traditional inelastic infrastructure.

The right partner can help you choose the right platform— whether managed hosting or virtualized environments, private cloud, public cloud – on an application by application basis, and that reduces risk and enables faster and more economic migrations.

That in turn will help to accelerate the delivery of new products and services – a must for any leading business to lead (and delight customers!). An agile, multi-cloud infrastructure and set of tool chains the delivers the strategic flexibility, optimum economics and easier migration to the cloud speeds new application development. It will also increase business agility – the ability to rapidly adjust to rapidly changing business circumstances. The speed of business is accelerating along with customer demands. An agile infrastructure and application strategy is imperative to reach the new levels of business agility required to lead.

Consider Rackspace

After doing its due diligence, Rackspace “became an obvious frontrunner” as the right partner for Synchronoss, said CTO and Executive Vice President Pat Doran. “They provided world-class cost to serve for the AWS platform, and also allowed us to combine on-premises, public cloud and private cloud solutions.”

The partnership also freed up the tech talent within the company’s customer organization, allowing them to focus on their products and services, which is where Synchronoss can competitively differentiate itself.  

Rackspace brought both the architecture knowledge and the partnerships with public cloud providers to be able to handle any amount of data that our customers might produce, which allows our sales team to go and sell without having to worry about capacity constraints. It allows me to manage the business knowing I’ll have an optimal cost structure through Rackspace without having to try to basically build my own data centers, while supporting a very large product and engineering build.”

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