2022 Walktober Recap: Rackers Around the World Walk in the Pursuit of Wellbeing

by Bri Campos, Racker Experience Intern

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Since before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Racker Wellbeing has been one of the top priorities for Rackspace Technology®. And, in 2022, the company doubled down on its commitment to prioritizing Racker Wellbeing through fun, engaging and empowering wellbeing activities that support Rackers all around the world.

October, a month of seasonal change, is when Rackspace Technology hosts Walktober. This 31-day challenge supports Rackers by encouraging them to take a break from their busy workdays. They are encouraged to recharge by practicing mental wellbeing activities and staying active while tracking their steps. Tracking steps not only promotes physical activity but also provides a way to connect with co-workers.

The Walktober campaign is digital, allowing Rackers to use a web or phone application to track their steps, as well as read articles and other resources about wellness, including fitness and nutrition. The Walktober app allows participants to view their progress, while simultaneously helping them set personal goals on which to focus. Throughout the month, participants collect digital leaves to fill a tree based on the number of steps they have taken.

“If I had to pick one motivation, it would be hitting my leaf target of 10,000 steps and earning badges,” said Maggi Rose, Security Risk and Compliance Management Specialist.

Tracking steps not only improves mental health, but also fosters group engagement and friendly competition among coworkers. To personalize the experience even more, Rackers have the option to participate either individually or on a team where they can motivate each other.

“Each of my team members is a crucial component of our team’s overall success,” said Laura Nicholas, Administrative Operations Manager.

In the challenge, Rackers also have the option to invite a “plus one,” someone who is not a Racker, to help them stay motivated throughout the month.

Creating global connections in a hybrid workplace is a big part of the Rackspace Technology culture. As a Walktober participant myself, I enjoyed the fun competition with my team members, and also receiving daily healthy recipes through the app and sharing them with others.

We know that food can be universal, so last month, we launched the Racker Cookbook. We invited Rackers from around the world to share their favorite recipes — as well as to deepen their Racker connections over a shared meal — even virtually from the other side of the globe! 

The Walktober app helps deepen these connections through several activities that can help make this virtual experience feel more personal. “I’ve led a Walktober team, posted on the Walktober wall, commented on and liked other Rackers’ wall posts, and read some of the Walktober articles and wellbeing tips,” Maggi Rose shared.

Altogether, nearly 1,500 Rackers from more than 16 countries around the world participated throughout the month of October in 2022.

In addition to counting steps, Rackers also logged various forms of physical activity, spending more than one million minutes dedicated to exercise — that’s enough exercise minutes to fill two whole years!. Rackers also were able to log a total of more than 374,000,000 steps — a 61,000,000 step increase over last year! This step total is equivalent to 169,237 miles (272,361 km) — in other words, 6.8 trips around the world!

Walktober is just one of the ways that Rackspace Technology helps employees achieve a healthy work-life balance. 

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