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Unlocking Agility and Innovation in the Cloud with Containers and Serverless

We dive into the history of containers and serverless, contemporary use-cases, the importance of adopting new technologies, and more.

More than ever, we must embrace new technology to create business benefits and opportunities. Listen to Cloud Talk to learn how containers and serverless computing can change the way you work, and bring big improvements to your organization

Tolga Tarhan is an authority on serverless computing and containers. As the CTO of Onica, a Rackspace company, Tarhan has long pushed for the adoption of cloud native application development. According to Tarhan, the cloud is especially exciting, relevant and vital — and that also makes it necessary for companies to take a different approach to cloud native processes.

“Cloud native involves people, processes and technology changes,” Tarhan said. “Cloud native processes can lead you to a promised land in the cloud, which is cost-effective, with elastic scaling, better reliability and faster time to market,” he added. In looking at the cloud as a new way to approach technology — and fully embracing that — Tarhan believes you get a lot more new value when you abandon the simplistic view of the cloud as a type of data center.

The notion of innovative ways of working — deciding to move quickly in the future to create business opportunities — is particularly applicable to containers and serverless. Both have revolutionized the industry, abstracting it away from physical hardware — and even operating systems — albeit in different ways.

These subjects are at the heart of the latest episode of Cloud Talk. In just 30 minutes, Tarhan and Rackspace CTO Jeff DeVerter dig into the history of containers and serverless, contemporary use-cases, the importance of adopting new technologies, and where all these things will take us in the future.

Listen now to learn:

  • How embracing new technology and the cloud’s uniqueness unlocks value
  • Why agile, cross-functional teams create business benefits and opportunities
  • How containers boost app efficiency, reliability and development speed
  • Where serverless can fit into your organization, how serverless and containers compare, and recognizing you don’t always need to choose between the two
  • How modern cloud setups help you scale and retain portability
  • What mesh means in the context of serverless, and how it addresses the challenges of microservices
  • Why containers are a good indicator of how well a company has adopted cloud native processes

According to Tarhan, there’s never been a better time to get on board with innovative ways of working. “Once you make the hard changes — in people, processes and technology — you begin to move quicker into the future,” he says. “You deploy new updates every day rather than every year, which means better customer experiences, revenue and growth. This isn’t just about cost savings — it’s also about forward-looking opportunity.”

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Introducing Cloud Talk

Introducing Cloud Talk

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Jeff DeVerter

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