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Encrypted Exchange Online – A Secure Email Solution

Encrypted Exchange Online combines the industry standard in business email with the security features you need to keep your data safe.

  • 50GB mailboxes
  • One-click encryption
  • Information rights management
  • Premium anti-spam/anti-malware

Encrypted Exchange Online is perfect for Healthcare, Finance, Legal, and any other business that needs to ensure its data is secure.


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Encrypt Email with Confidence

Encrypting email ensures that only intended recipients can read what is sent, even if you accidentially send email to the wrong address. 


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Manage Forwarding & Attachments

Control the flow of emails with user & mailbox settings designed to prevent email forwarding or attachments that may contain confidential information.


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Meet Strict Compliance Regulation
Does your business need to comply with HIPAA or PCI-DSS standards? If so, Encrypted Exchange Online can help you meet the strict regulatory requirements.

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Easy to Configure and Use

Encrypted Exchange Online is administered through an intuitive Rackspace control panel. Encryption is pre-configured and requires no complex scripting or settings.


Core Features

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Email Encryption

State-of-the-art encryption to protect sensitive and confidential data.


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Large 50GB Mailboxes

50GB of email storage per user and 150MB attachment for business continuity.


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Premier anti-malware and anti-spam protection is built-in to every mailbox at no additional cost.


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Rackspace Control Panel

Intuitive controls for easy setup of encryption and permissions.


Additional Features

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  • Shared Calendars - Share your calendar or view others’ calendars, making scheduling a breeze
  • Shared Contacts – Share contacts with colleagues for easy communication
  • Public Folders – Collect, organize, and share information with colleagues
  • Inbox Management – Keep your mailbox clean with Clutter
  • Outlook App – Compatible with the latest Outlook app for iOS and Android

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  • Message Encryption – Ensure email is read ONLY by the intended recipient
  • Information Rights Management – policy-based permission rules to prevent unwanted sharing of data
  • MS Office Integration – Protect data stored in documents, spreadsheets, and slide-decks
  • SharePoint Compatible – Enhance SharePoint permissions with Information Rights Management

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