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Running Exchange in-house is resource-intensive: costly investments in infrastructure and the day-to-day management of Exchange can take time and staff away from your strategic business objectives. Hosted Exchange at Rackspace enables you to more efficiently and reliably manage email. Never upgrade or patch a server again!

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Exchange Mailboxes
High Availability

In-house cost per user:
Rackspace cost per user:
    In-house 2014 In-house 2015 In-house 2016 Rackspace Yearly
  Total Cost $113,636 $59,361 $59,361 $3,600
Hardware costs
Exchange, storage
$7,700 $0 $0 Included
Server, tape library, software
$0 $0 $0 Included
25 user licenses
Exchange, anti-spam, Outlook®
$4,992 $917 $917 $3,600
Operating costs
Deployment, administration
$98,444 $58,444 $58,444 Included

We have based our estimates on a broad sample of companies. Actual costs may vary.

Get the benefits of Exchange without managing servers.

Hybrid exchange hosting

Have users who don't need the full functionality of Exchange?

Save even more with Exchange Hybrid at Rackspace. Learn more about Exchange Hybrid at Rackspace.

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